Youth Advisory Board 2016-2017

The National Youth Advisory Board (YAB) consists of high school SAVE members from across the country. Serving on the National SAVE Youth Advisory Board takes many hours of service during the school year. On average, most members contribute over 300 hours of time with work for the YAB, work with their chapter, and individual projects or presentations. Serving as a member of this prestigious and select group requires commitment, dedication and sacrifice of time and often other organizational events.

Meet the 2016-2017 National
Youth Advisory Board! 

Melquan Cromedy
Chapter: Georgetown High School, SC
Advisor: Denise Chatman
Grade: Junior

Melquan Zi’Andre Cromedy is a sophomore at Georgetown High School and active in the Optimism Preventive Services SAVE Chapter. Melquan said that “SAVE has really changed my outlook on life. It has allowed me to know that there is more to experience and enjoy besides football.”  He tries to prevent violence by walking away and not engaging in anything that is negative. According to his advsior, Ms. Chatman, “Melquan has been instrumental in the planning of our Unity Day Anti Bullying Rally and Teen Dating Violence Prevention Campaign. Melquan serves as a peer mentor and rallies for his peers to take the no texting while driving pledge.

Melquan loves sports, football and basketball are his favorites.  His dream is to someday make it into the National Football League. He is active in St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church and is a member of the Youth Auxiliary for the Education and Jerusalem Association, the Youth Choir and the Mass Choir, and also a part of the Usher Department.  Melquan shared “I am so excited about what the next chapter of my life’s journey will take me! I’m excited about SAVE!”

Jordan German

Chapter: Optimism Preventive Services, SC
Advisor: Denise Chatman
Grade: Senior

Jordan German is a senior at Georgetown High School in Georgetown, South Carolina. She is approaching her fifth year with SAVE and can’t wait to serve her third year on the SAVE Youth Advisory Board.  She has served as treasurer and secretary for her SAVE chapter and currently holds the office of Vice-President.  She is excited about the opportunity to learn more and peacefully impact the lives of others, encouraging more youth in Georgetown County to become actively involved in SAVE.  Jordan states that “SAVE impacted my life by showing I can be a help to society and not a burden. I can go against all odds with the values I’ve learned through SAVE. I can help better myself and my community.”

Jordan is a volunteer youth leader and Peer mentor for Optimism Preventive Services, Inc.  Jordan loves working with young children and is constantly promoting Bully-free activities for the Optimism’s after school and summer enrichment programs.  Her advisor, Mrs. Chatman, states that “Jordan is a role model to many of her peers. Her position on the National Youth Advisory Board has inspired many.  She has been instrumental in spearheading crime prevention programming and coordinating story time for after school programs and daycare centers.”

In addition to her commitment to her SAVE chapter, Jordan has a part-time job, and is a member of the Georgetown High School varsity cheering squad.  She is a member of Lighthouse Church where she serves on the youth missionary society, young adult choir, usher board and Sunday school.  Jordan is really looking forward to another active year on the SAVE youth advisory board. Being a part of the YAB has been an incredibly educational and humbling experience for her. Jordan feels she has learned important life and leadership skills while serving on the board.

Taleek Harlee, Vice President
Chapter: Purnell Swett High School, NC
Advisor: Karen Stickney
Grade: Senior

Taleek Harlee is a senior at Purnell Swett High School in Pembroke, NC.  He has worked with his SAVE chapter for 3 years and enjoys being active in SAVE service projects.  Taleek states that “SAVE has made a positive difference by exposing the youth at Purnell to the dangers of violence and drugs and providing prevention strategies.”    He is honored to be a part of the Youth Advisory Board, and to show others his leadership skills.  Taleek is very active in his community and school. In his church he donates many hours volunteering with the youth department and is an active member of his county 4-H program.  Taleek is part of Future Farmers of America (FFA) where he is president, and he serves with the school’s Future Busniness Leaders of America (FBLA).  His SAVE advisor, Ms. Stickney, states “in my many years of working with Taleek it has been an honor to know and work with him.  He likes to encourage and be a positive influence to his peers telling them the sky is not to limit you, you go beyond the sky like astronauts.”

As a member of the National SAVE Youth Advisory Board, Taleek would “like to be a helping hand that teens and children in all communities across the country could hold and get the help they need. If I can help someone along the way, then I will try and help.”  Taleek wants to reach the ones who have their hands out, he wants to do this by increasing the numbers of SAVE members across the country.  He feels that education of our youth is a major factor in preventing violence.

Marjorie Lam, Social Media Coordinator
Chapter: Biloxi High School, MS
Advisor: Officer Daisy McCarroll
Grade: Senior

Marjoire Lam is a senior at Biloxi High School, MS.  She serves as the historian of her SAVE Chapter, referred to as the Campus Security Council.  This will be her fourth year of involvement with SAVE and feels that SAVE has made a positive impact on the safety of teens on the road by encouraging safe teen driving and preventing violence in her school through prevention efforts.  She has played an active roll in prevention efforts including promoting positive decisions through anti bullying skits, distracted driving skits and through multiple service project efforts.  Marjorie states “I have always been committed and passionate about SAVE and feel as though being a part of the National Youth Advisory Board will prove more opportunities and allow me to expand my knowledge; it will allow me to build more character and view things from a broader prospective with the other members from around the country.” 

Marjorie is active in the national Kiwanis Club, Beta Club, Student council and Family Career and Community Leaders of America.  She was part of the Philharmonic Orchestra for 5 years and the power lifting team.  She also works part time at her family’s restaurant.  Marjorie was born in America, however her parents did not understand English and grew up only speaking Vietnamese. She learned English from school, friends and television and is now also learning Spanish.  Marjorie enjoys being active and involved in her school and community and wishes to inspire others to do so as well.  Marjorie’s goal as a YAB member is to “be able to open new doors for not only myself, but also to my peers by sharing my experiences as a member and the things I have learned.  I hope to change their outlook of how they view themselves and how they view any difficult situations and conflicts.”

Macey McKenzie, Social Coordinator
Chapter: Ocean Springs High School, MS
Advisor: Carolyn Boyd
Grade: Senior

Macey Mckenzie is a Senior at Ocean Springs High School, MS and is an active member of her local SAVE chapter. She has served as the sophomore representative for SAVE and is now on her second term of being president. Macey tries to prevent violence by sticking up for people and always trying to do what is right.  She shared that “I have been able to grow and develop as a person in speaking up.  Before SAVE, I was very shy and unable to speak up.  Once learning about how much of an impact bullying can have on people’s lives, I have been more able to speak up even if I’m scared.  I know it’s the right thing to do.”   Macey is excited to become part of the YAB and to help make a difference and to improve her SAVE chapter by what she learns on the YAB.

Macey is a member of SEAL club, Students 2 Students club, Mary C O’keefe Teen Arts Council and National Honor Society. Macey is a hard working International Bachelorette student.  Her teacher, June Wilkerson, stated that “Macey is truly an amazing young lady. She is very thoughtful and kind and she really has a deep concern for her fellow human beings.”

Devin Philipps
Chapter: E.A. Laney High School, NC
Advisor: Beth Scheirer
Grade: Sophomore

Devin is a sophomore at E.A Laney High School in Wilmington, NC.This is Devin’s second year in SAVE. He has been active in many SAVE activities including the Stand Against Racism Event, Out of the Darkness Walk and visiting local elementary schools and presenting on bullying prevention and character education utilizing the Twenty Twinkling Stars Book.  Devin enjoys the new friendships he has gained through SAVE and looks forward to continuing to be involved with the program throughout high school!  His advisor, Beth Scheirer, states that Devin “has lots of ideas about ways to get the message of SAVE out to our school and local community. He is extremely creative and is a natural peacemaker.  He communicates effectively and puts his best foot forward in all situations.”

In his free time Devin enjoys hanging out with my friends. His favorite subject in school is world history and he enjoys many other activities outside of school.  As a member of the National SAVE Youth Advisory Board, Devin hopes to “establish more SAVE chapters in other schools because I think SAVE is a great program that is not only beneficial to the people in the program, but also the people in the school and community.  At a time like this where a lot is going on in the world, I think we need SAVE in every school.” 

Rhiannon Potwin, Secretary
Chapter: Jack Britt High School, NC
Advisor: David Jackson
Grade: Senior

Rhiannon is a senior at Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, NC.  She has been active in SAVE for four years and served on the board for her chapter during her sophomore and junior years.  She was elected as president of her SAVE chapter for her senior year.  Rhiannon loves SAVE and the people involved with it and the passion grows more and more each year.   Rhiannon says that “SAVE has impacted my life by giving me a sense of belonging.  Also it gives me courage to stand up for what I believe in and stand up for others.  SAVE made me realize that violence, harassment, and harm to yourself or others in not going to fix itself.  Instead we as students, and humans really, must work to stop it.”

Rhiannon is the Commander of the Jack Britt High School JROTC drill team and is the Executive Officer for the entire Jack Britt Buccaneers JROTC battalion.  She loves to dance and stay active and hopes to attend West Pointe Military Academy after graduation and pursue a career of nursing in the Army.

Rhiannon enjoys leading and helping others and is very excited about being part of the National SAVE Youth Advisory Board.  SAVE has changed how she looks at and reacts with other people.  She hopes to change other students’ views and help make her school society better.  Rhiannon also hopes to help put a stop to driving while impaired and distracted driving by student drivers.  Her advisor David Jackson stated that “Rhiannon is the type of person that takes charge and does not have to be told everything and every detail of a project to get things accomplished.  Rhiannon has suggested many projects that the chapter accepted and made happen. Without her leadership and dedication these projects probably would not have been accomplished.”

Kaitlyn Wade, Historian
Chapter: White Oak High School, NC
Advisor: Carol Jackson
Grade: Senior

Kaitlyn is a senior at White Oak High School in Jacksonville, NC.  Kaitlyn has been active in SAVE since her seventh grade year.  Kaitlyn has held presidential positions in numerous committees of her chapter.  In her early years with SAVE, Kaitlyn worked to spread word of the organization to fellow school and community members, and continues to do so today.  She has worked with one of the local elementary schools associated with White Oak HS SAVE chapter to teach fourth and fifth grade students about bullying, prevention of bullying, atmospherical awareness, and communication tips between people.  Kaitlyn became involved in SAVE because she wanted to prevent bullying. She shared, “When I first joined SAVE I had few friends because I was a bit anti-social and shy, but I’d also been made fun of for being a crybaby and tattle tale. I made a friend who was quite literally the most bullied child because people saw her as weird and different and nerdier than the rest.  I took one step beyond what people rumored about her and became one of her few friends, stood beside her the whole way. Being friends with someone that was truly bullied, sparked me to help others. I joined SAVE, a place where people saw people as equals to end and prevent violence, a place where I felt truly at peace to be who I am.”

Kaitlyn is involved in the White Oak HS Concert Band, assisted with the annual musicals as an usher, and is the Sentinel Officer of the Future Farmers of America chapter. Kaitlyn is involved in the pep band and she also works at the Jacksonville Public Library. Deborah Lucas, a teacher at White Oak HS states “Kaitlyn will be a persistent advocate for others and her talents will only shine further as a member of the National Youth Advisory Board.”     Kaitlyn wishes and hopes for “improvements and changes within communication between regions and chapters in SAVE to create a unified movement of bright individuals.”  

Kaleigh Wright, President
Chapter: Cuthbertson High School, NC
Advisor: Brandi Ford
Grade: Junior

Kaleigh Wright is a junior at Cuthbertson High School in Waxhaw, North Carolina. She is president of her school’s chapter and is serving her second year on the National Youth Advisory Board.  Kaleigh’s dedication towards SAVE is reflected in her first officer position in the club, as president. Kaleigh shared that “SAVE has positively impacted my life by opening me up to a whole new world of experiences and people.  Prior to high school, I had very few friends, and faced bullies daily, but now I speak against bullying and have a wide range of friends.” Through SAVE, she has led anti­bullying week and participated in the GLSEN day of silence. Her chapter participated in Teen Safe Driving week, which taught students to be aware on the road, to not text or drink and drive, and to be safe.  SAVE has given a loving environment for teens to grown and flourish, while letting their voices be heard, and has been there for those who suffer for mental illness or have differences that make them feel excluded on a daily basis.  The principal of Cuthbertson High School said that “Kaleigh is not only dedicated to her school and community, but she is also a sincere and kind person.” As a YABer, Kaleigh wishes to stop the spread of violence by promoting the benefits of non­violence, spread the club to more schools, and help encourage teens to speak up.

Kaleigh is an active member in BETA club and math honor society, and is an officer for Health Occupation Students of America and Cavs for a Cure. Outside of school, Kaleigh is an intern at Carolina Medical Center Main. Kaleigh has also volunteered with organizations such as Special Olympics and Relay for Life.

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