Youth Advisory Board 2014-2015

The National Youth Advisory Board (YAB) consists of high school SAVE members from across the country. Serving on the National SAVE Youth Advisory Board takes many hours of service during the school year. On average, most members contribute over 300 hours of time with work for the YAB, work with their chapter, and individual projects or presentations. Serving as a member of this prestigious and select group requires commitment, dedication and sacrifice of time and often other organizational events.

Meet the 2014-2015 National SAVE

Youth Advisory Board! 

haweb1Haley Abernathy, President
School: Highland School of Technology, NC
Advisor: Dr. Ami Parker
Grade: Junior

Haley Abernathy is a junior at Highland School of Technology in Gastonia, North Carolina where she is taking courses in the Medical Science curriculum. Haley wants to be a Pathologist someday.  According to her SAVE advisor, Dr. Ami Parker, “Haley was instrumental to the success of our SAVE activities. She is a ball of energy, always asking what more she can do.” Outside of school, Haley’s favorite hobbies are painting and baking and she has an established love of reading. Upon acceptance to Highland School of Technology, Haley joined SAVE (this is her third year) and HOSA (the Health Occupation Studies of America), where Haley now holds the position of Secretary of HOSA. Her passion for SAVE and HOSA continues to grow. To quote Haley, “All the responsibilities of high school can be very stressful, but through HOSA and SAVE, I am always able to meet new people and help the community. This makes the responsibilities of life seem microscopic.” Haley has learned new skills and lessons every year that she has been with SAVE and looks forward to an exciting year as YAB SAVE President.


Anna Chataginer, Secretary
School: Biloxi High School, MS
Advisor:Daisy Watson
Grade: Junior

Anna Chataginer is a junior at Biloxi High School in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Anna first joined her local SAVE Chapter this past year and immediately  became actively involved in the organization.  In addition to SAVE, Anna is also active in her school’s Interact Club where she will be serving as Treasurer in the coming year, is a member of Mu Theta Alpha, and volunteers with the Special Olympics. According to her Senator, Tommy Gollott,  “Anna is an extremely bright and engaging young woman with wide ranging interests.” She was selected for the National Junior Honor Society and received state-wide special recognition in Duke Talent Identification Program. Anna is active in her community playing both softball and soccer. Also, active in her church, Anna participated in the tornado relief activity.

As a member of the National YAB, Anna would “like to be instrumental in decreasing violence across Mississippi.  I think we could do this by reaching out to students who feel like they do not have a voice or feel important and give them resources and opportunities to be part of the school community.  I believe kids who show violence tendencies may feel violence is the only way to have their voices heard. If we show these youth there are other options and redirect their negative outlooks then we can start to create a better tomorrow.”

kdweb1Katherine Davidson, Social Media Coordinator
School: Cuthbertson High School, NC
Advisor: Leah Ross
Grade: Junior

Katherine Davidson is a junior at Cuthbertson High School in Waxhaw, North Carolina. According to her SAVE advisor, Leah Ross, “Katherine is well-spoken, thoughtful, bright, and insightful.  She brings a warm glow of calm competence to all she does.”

As a member of the YAB, Katherine “hopes to help further our never-ending goal of awareness. In particular, I would love to see and help with the implementation of SAVE programs and educational tools in elementary schools.  Early education is the key to creating safe, healthy environments in our schools and in our community.  The education of our young people is what I believe to be the first step in a successful mission. I am a firm believer in prevention from the beginning, and think that this mission could impact our world.”

jgweb2Jordan German, Regional Coordinator
School: Optimism Preventive Services, SC
Advisor: Denise Chatman
Grade: Sophomore

Jordan German is a sophomore at Georgetown High School in Georgetown, South Carolina. Jordan first joined SAVE three years ago and is very excited about being part of the SAVE Youth Advisory Board. Jordan has served as Treasurer and Secretary for her SAVE chapter. Jordan is a volunteer youth leader for Optimism Prevention Services, Inc. and loves to work with young children.  According to her SAVE Advisor, Denise Chatman, “Jordan is an extremely bright young lady who I have appreciated for the last four years.  She is a courteous, reliable young lady who works hard as a peer mentor for our young children, community youth leader, community volunteer and awesome SAVE member.” Jordan is constantly promoting bully free activities for the after school and summer enrichment programs.  In addition to her commitment to her SAVE chapter, Jordan works a part-time job, is a varsity cheerleader, and is very active in her church. Jordan quoted, “As a SAVE YAB member the first thing I want to do is to bring about more community awareness so that they will see the impact that SAVE has and how working together can make a difference, decrease violence and promote positive change.”

hgweb1Havier Green, Social Media Coordinator
School: Carver’s Bay High School, SC
Advisor: Denise Chatman
Grade: Junior

Havier Green is a junior at Carver’s Bay High School. Havier has been involved with SAVE for the past four years.  Havier has worked with many of the SAVE chapters programs, his favorite being community service events.  Havier loves planning and organizing community prayer vigils, teen dating violence workshops and crime prevention programs. According to his SAVE  advisor, Denise Chatman, “Havier is an excellent role model for students at his school and in the community.  He is efficient, dependable and has a sense of humor beyond measure.  From working closely with this young man in so many capacities, I vision only high aspirations for his future.” In addition to working intensely with SAVE he is busy with several extracurricular activities, which include the marching band, chorus, basketball and cross country. Havier is is also a member of the National Honor Society, Beta Club and Horry-Georgetown Technical College Upward Bound Program. Havier is also active in his church where he sings on the young adult, youth and mass choirs. To quote Havier, “I believe that SAVE is an organization that will help promote and give voice to those who think there is no hope.” Havier is glad to be a member of such a prestigious organization that has the capability to reach millions of youth, SAVE is an organization that he holds dear to his heart.

akweb1Ariel Kantor,  Vice President
School: Chapel High School, NC
Advisor: Jim Wise
Grade: Senior

Ariel Kantor is a senior at Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC.  Ariel is a first generation Israeli immigrant and  fluent in Russian, Hebrew, Spanish and English. Ariel has a strong interest in Science, particularly Biology and is excited to have been awarded an opportunity to do research through the National Institute of Health Student Internship Program.  Apart from SAVE, Ariel is the President and founder of Chapel Hill Elementary Tutors, a club focused on providing homework help and support to elementary school students.  Ariel is also an active member of the Spanish Honor Society and The Tiger 360 Club focused on raising donations for charity.  Ariel is an active volunteer at the UNC Hospital in the Neurology, Radiology, and at the blood donation center. Ariel is a huge sports fan, and was his high school  JV basketball team and Varsity Swim Team.  Ariel’s sophomore year, he was awarded the chapel Hill Varsity Swimming Scholar Athlete Award and we won the 3A Championship, an accomplishment he is extremely proud of. Quoted by Ariel,  “I have been a SAVE member for three years and my favorite activities were ” Toilet Talks” and ” De-stress Don’t Distress Week”.”  According to his  SAVE advisor, Jim Wise,  Ariel has a great work ethic and maturity that allow him to maintain a high level of success in all of his endeavors without appearing to struggle or be overly taxed by his responsibilities.”   As a YAB member, Havier hopes to “spread the SAVE message and most notably emphasize violence prevention methods first at the community level and then beyond. I hope to accomplish this task by instilling the central ideas to violence prevention of tolerance and respect.  I hope to organize hosted events to encourage unity and a positive climate on the school and community level.”

alweb2Abigail Lawson, Historian
School: Biloxi High School, MS
Advisor: Daisy Watson
Grade: Junior

Abigail Lawson is a junior at Biloxi High School in Biloxi, Mississippi. Abigail is working on her second year with SAVE as their Secretary at her school and is honored to be appointed to the Youth Advisory Board. Abigail is also Secretary for the Student Council for her Junior class at Biloxi.  She has been a Diamond Girl for two years and Co-Vice President for Interact. Abigail has been involved with many other leadership clubs over the past few years including Jr. Leadership for Biloxi Commerce, Teen Board for Edgewater Mall and coached Pee Wee Cheer-leading. According to her teacher, DeBorah Holiday, “I am very impressed with her kindness, respectfulness, and concern for others.  Abigail is very positive, friendly and has a great relationship with her peers and teachers. Abigail is very dedicated to serving her community.” Quoted by Abigail, “I never hesitate to take on new challenges, especially when it involves meeting new people, and accomplishing new goals.”  As part of the YAB, Abigail wants “students to see that violence never solves anything! I hate going on a social media website and seeing videos of fights everywhere.”

bwweb2Braedan Weart, Public Relations/Media
School: Bear Creek High School, CO
Grade: Sophomore

Braedan Weart is a sophomore at Bear Creek High School in Denver, CO. Braedan is active in track and football and lettered his freshman year, running the 100 meter in track. Braedan has a family connection to SAVE, his mom went to West Charlotte High School and he is the grandson of one of our SAVE founders Gary Weart. He is honored to be able to carry out the family tradition of being active with SAVE.  A big influence in his life was working around the principles of SAVE and its positive effect on the community. As a child, he was raised on the idea of treating others the way you want to be treated and don’t use physical harm to solve a problem, talk through it. Moving around during his childhood several times, Braedan witnessed many different students from different backgrounds. Braedan learned first hand about violence in schools and how they can all benefit from SAVE. To quote Braedan, “I became a SAVE member so I can share my knowledge with others to help the SAVE organization grow and expand to a wider limit and cover all aspects of why violence seems to be the go to solution when you face a problem.”

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