Youth Advisory Board 2013-2014

The National Youth Advisory Board (YAB) consists of high school SAVE members from across the country. Serving on the National SAVE Youth Advisory Board takes many hours of service during the school year. On average, most members contribute over 300 hours of time with work for the YAB, work with their chapter, and individual projects or presentations. Serving as a member of this prestigious and select group requires commitment, dedication and sacrifice of time and often other organizational events.

SAVE is currently accepting applications for the Youth Advisory Board for the 2014-2015 school year.  Please download the application here.

Haley AbernathyHaley Abernathy, Event Planner
School: Highland School of Technology, NC
Advisor: Ami Parker
Grade: Sophomore

Haley Abernathy is a student at Highland School of Technology in Gastonia, North Carolina where she is taking courses in the Medical Science curriculum. Haley is a rising sophomore who “can’t wait to help my fellow SAVE members create new ways to prevent violence”. According to her chapter advisor, Dr. Ami Parker, “Haley was instrumental to the success of our activities. She is a ball of energy, always asking what more she can do.” Outside of school, Haley’s favorite hobbies are painting and baking and she has an established love of reading. Upon acceptance to Highland School of Technology, Haley joined SAVE (this is her second year) and HOSA (the Health Occupation Studies of America), where Haley obtained a position in HOSA as a co-community service coordinator for her sophomore year. To quote Haley, “My favorite thing about school this year was the community service opportunities. Most of those opportunities came from SAVE, I valued every community service event and each event made me more enthusiastic about the next one…the most valuable thing I have learned this year is that there is always another friend to be made.”

PRESS RELEASE: Haley Abernathy, Sophomore at Highland School of Technology, Named to National Advisory Board – August 5, 2013

Hannah BrownHannah Brown, Public Information Officer
School: Terry Sanford High School, NC
Advisor: Kevin Hight
Grade: Sophomore

Hannah Brown will be a sophomore at Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Although this is Hannah’s second year with SAVE, this is her first year serving on the SAVE Youth Advisory Board and she is excited to see what is in store! To quote Hannah, “I hope to be able to impact someone else’s life by being able to prevent violence. Even though it may be a small act to you or me, it could mean the world to someone else”. Hannah is an active member of the youth group at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church and is a member of the Global Studies program at her high school. The School of Global Studies at Terry Sanford is a choice program designed for rigorous college preparation, a program designed to develop someone who is versed in mathematics, science, language, history, literature, the arts  and one who is a physically fit–the modern version of the “Renaissance” person. Hannah is a member of the girls’ volleyball team at Terry Sanford. At the end of Hannah’s freshman year, at Senior awards night, she received The James A. Mask Award. This award is given to a freshman who has shown leadership, is a role model, and excelled in academics and athletics. According to Mr. Kevin Hight, a teacher at Terry Sanford High School, “Hannah’s work on council in the fall, plus her acknowledged high levels of maturity and responsibility, earned her the freshman Leadership award… she was the only ninth grader to receive an award this year.”

PRESS RELEASE: Hannah Brown, Sophomore at Terry Sanford High School, Named to National Advisory Board – August 5, 2013

Alex CajusteAlex Cajuste, Secretary
School: North Chicago High School, IL
Advisor: Mey Spencer
Grade: Sophomore

Alex Cajuste is a sophomore at North Chicago Community High School in North Chicago, Illinois.  He has been a member of the North Chicago Community SAVE Chapter for three years.  Mr. Cajuste is fluent in English, French and Creole, as his mother was born in Haiti.  As a First-Generation American, Alexander has faced some unique challenges.  When asked how SAVE impacted his life, Alex stated “it helped me get rid of 99% of my problems with violence, home and relationships.” He also likes to promote students working out issues between themselves.  But if that doesn’t work, he also believes in being proactive in speaking up and telling people of authority about an issue.  That way, interventions can be made before an issue gets out of hand.

Alex hopes to help his chapter become more involved in the community by participating in community service.  When Alex attended Neal Math & Science Academy (the district’s middle school), the SAVE Chapter did a lot of volunteering in the school and community, focusing on hosted events at the school designed to improve the school climate.  A couple of examples are hosting a school dance and sponsoring a school-wide field trip to see a baseball game with the Milwaukee Brewers.  In order to attend these events, the students had to not have any unexcused absences, or any behavior incidents for a certain amount of time before the event.

Besides being involved in the SAVE Chapter, Alex is also involved in the Drama Club.  He has won three awards while in the Drama club and has participated in the school play.  As a member of the Robotic’s Club in Middle School, Alex won a competition that was held with other Middle Schools in the Lake County, Illinois region.  Mrs. Spencer, an Outreach Specialist for the Lake County Regional Office of Education’s Attendance & Truancy Division is also the SAVE Advisor at both schools.  When she heard that Alex was selected to participate on the National Youth Advisory Board for SAVE, she said: “Alex will make a great addition to the YAB.  Over the past two years since Alex has participated in the chapter, he has proven himself as an active, involved and caring SAVE member.  I look forward to working with him this year and providing assistance to him in his new leadership role”.

PRESS RELEASE: Alex Cajuste, Sophomore at North Chicago High School, Named to National Advisory Board – August 5, 2013

Brady LedbetterBrady Ledbetter, Co-Chair
School: Ira High School, TX
Advisor: Katrina Reynolds
Grade: Senior

Brady Ledbetter is a senior at Ira High School in Ira, Texas.   He has been a member of the Ira High School SAVE group for four years. For the last three years, Brady has held the position of President. Two years ago, the Ira SAVE group decided to branch out and start a Junior High SAVE Chapter which has done well and grown in membership, activities and community outreach each year. To quote Brady, “SAVE has made high school a great experience for me, not only did I strive to be a good leader locally, but I held a leadership position on the National Youth Advisory Board”. The group has taught Brady that every student’s opinion matters, not just the popular kid, not just the athlete, the cheerleader, the quarterback but all students have a voice and all matter. The main focus of the Ira SAVE Chapter has been to spread the word and to make a difference in West Texas, where the chapter has started the West Texas SAVE Summits. The chapter has helped start 5 different SAVE groups and is working to start more.  Ms. Katrina Reynolds, the chapter advisor,  has inspired the student members and taught the students the chapter motto “Own our actions” and make the  school and community proud. Brady’s plans, following graduation, are to attend Hardin Simmons University in Abilene TX, and to major in History with a minor in Theology. His goal is to become a History Professor as he believes in education and in the power of a good teacher.

Brady has been active in his youth group at Church, as well as a member of the National Honor Society for the last three years. He participated in track and in One Act Play. He has helped with many community service projects that the SAVE group has been involved in and he believes people should learn to help themselves and each other. Brady loves being in SAVE and has learned over the years that when a positive difference in someone’s life brings joy into one’s own. Being on the National Youth Advisory Board has changed Brady’s life and opened doors and made him a better leader. Brady believes his future is bright and a lot of it is due to SAVE.>/p>
PRESS RELEASE: Brady Ledbetter, Senior at Ira High School, Named to National Advisory Board – August 5, 2013

Kim PerezKim Perez, Historian
School: Cuthbertson High School, NC
Advisor: Leah Ross
Grade: Senior

Kim Perez is a senior at Cuthbertson High School in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Kim has been a member of the SAVE Chapter for three years and was elected to serve as the chapter treasurer for the 2013-2014 academic year. Kim’s goal this year is to engage and encourage students to join the Cuthbertson chapter. Following graduation, Kim plans to attend either Eastern Carolina University or the University of North Carolina Wilmington and major in Nursing. According to Ms. Sarah Stott, Assistant Principal at Cuthbertson High School, “Kimberly Perez is dedicated to her school and community, is a sincere and kind person. The values she represents and her outgoing and friendly personality have earned the respect of her peers and the staff.” Kim’s outlook on life can best be explained thusly: “Some people just need that one person who is there for them. That person will be me.”

PRESS RELEASE: Kim Perez, Senior at Cuthbertson High School, Named to National Advisory Board – August 5, 2013

Anna TsuiAnna Tsui, Co-Chair
School: Chapel Hill High School, NC
Advisor: Jim Wise
Grade: Senior

Anna Tsui is a senior at Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This is the fourth year that she has been involved with her local SAVE chapter, and her second with the National Youth Advisory Board. She was secretary of the YAB last year (2012-2013) and this position has given her experience on how to become a better advocate for SAVE. It has also taught her a tremendous amount about how to be a well-rounded adolescent. Besides being involved with her local SAVE chapter, Anna also spends time volunteering at the Veterans Administration to express her appreciation towards our nation’s veterans. In her free time Anna enjoys activities that include drawing, reading, and anything that relates to fashion. This eclectic blend of hobbies allows Anna to keep active and focused on living a responsible and modest life.

“Being a part of the Youth Advisory Board has been an incredibly educational and humbling experience for me”. An experience  that has taught Anna important life and leadership skills and she’s excited to be able to spend another year with the YAB.

PRESS RELEASE: Anna Tsui, Senior at Chapel Hill High School, Named to National Advisory Board – August 5, 2013

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