I’m A Partner

SAVE has partnerships with companies and organizations wanting to support programs that have human touch points and offer “real solutions” to major societal problems.

SAVE encourages long-term partners committed to helping SAVE grow on a national level. Ideal partners are companies truly committed to the mission and goals of our organization. Research continues to confirm that SAVE’s issue of youth violence prevention is a top issue for youth and teens making SAVE a relevant partner for companies who are looking to strengthen and build their relationship with this demographic. Teens are looking to be engaged in their schools and communities and SAVE’s program achieves that by working closely with youth in over 2,000 schools and communities nationwide.

Youth violence is having a major impact on the young people, parents, school officials and law enforcement of our nation. Unfortunately, what happened at Chardon, Virginia Tech, Santee, Columbine, Paducah, and other schools across our country, is not just a school problem, it is also a community-wide problem. There is not just one solution to the problem of youth violence. It takes careful planning, the collaboration of various agencies, and the utilization of everyone who is affected to make a difference, and partnering with SAVE is just one step in the right direction.

SAVE has an in-depth understanding of positive cause marketing and successful corporate and nonprofit partnerships. You will benefit from a partnership with SAVE in ways beyond the obvious—We offer opportunities to generate direct sales and opportunities for product trials. Additionally, over the last five years, SAVE has generated over 150 million media impressions for its work across the country.

Please contact us at info@nationalsave.org for information detailing how we can partner with your organization to enhance your corporate citizenship program.

Use of Funds

Those who contribute to nonprofit organizations have a right to know how their money is being used and who is using it. We are proud to report that SAVE earns high marks from those agencies whose job it is to monitor the activities of nonprofit organizations.

SAVE is fiscally conservative in its allocation of donor dollars. According to the National Charities Information Bureau, nonprofit organizations should spend at least 60% of their budget on programs, with remaining funds going to administrative and fund-raising expenses. At SAVE, 86% of revenues go to programs and technical support, while the remaining monies pay for management, general expenses, program improvement, and fund-raising.