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Events on school campuses in recent years have placed a spotlight on the safety and security of schools. Being aware that potential acts of violence might occur on any school campus is the first step that school administrators must take in their efforts to make their schools safer. Failing to acknowledge that such acts might occur at any time and in spite of concerted efforts to prevent them is not acceptable. School administrators must maintain high levels of awareness that the potential of an incident occurring exists every day. Such awareness grounded in information is of most value to administrators, and by knowing and involving students, administrators can create useful information-based awareness.

The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) believes that school administrators must be proactive in their efforts to prevent incidents of school violence from occurring. SAVE strives to decrease the potential for crime and violence occurring in schools and communities by involving students in meaningful school safety efforts.

SAVE can serve as a part of the overall safety efforts at your school or agency. Effective administrators know the importance of having the SAVE chapter fulfill the student involvement component of an effective comprehensive school safety plan. In an evaluation conducted by the Evaluation and Training Institute in Los Angeles, CA, principals who were questioned about SAVE’s effectiveness believed that students who participate in the SAVE program play an important role in creating a safe campus and community by practicing violence prevention skills, possessing positive attitudes, and being good role-models.

Administrators and entire school staffs need to watch and listen to their students. They need to know who their students are and what their typical patterns of behavior are so that deviations from the typical are noticed and can be addressed. The students themselves are resources which schools can incorporate into safety and security efforts. SAVE chapters empower students to promote effective violence prevention strategies for the problems they might face.

SAVE acknowledges that there is no one-hundred percent guarantee that being aware of problems might occur is enough to prevent tragedies from happening. But awareness based in information and information used in safe school planning enable administrators to feel more confident that they are doing all they can to prevent problems and enhance the safety and security of their students.

For additional information on how SAVE can contribute to the comprehensive school safety plan at your school contact SAVE.

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