• Albion Fellows Bacon Center, Evansville
  • ASW Foundation, Inc., Merriville
  • Austin High School, Austin
  • Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center, Indianapolis
  • Crawford County High School, Marengo
  • Crown Point High School, Crown pony
  • Decatur Central High School, Indianapolis
  • Easy Jay Middle School, Portland
  • Frankton Jr/Sr High School, Frankton
  • Frontier Elementary School, Brookston
  • Jay County High School, Portland
  • Jeffersonville High School, Jeffersonville
  • Newburgh Elementary School, Newburgh
  • Pilgrim Baptist Church, Fort Wayne
  • POP on Youth Violence, Valparaiso
  • Saint Joan of Arc, Indianapolis
  • SAVE Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne
  • Seymour Middle School 7/8, Seymour
  • Waldron High School, Waldron
  • West Jay Middle School, Dunkirk
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited, Crawfordsville

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