Youth Empowerment

Reach for the Stars! SAVE was started by students in 1989 with the vision that all students would embrace the idea that the power of positive change is in your own hands. Still to this day the overall goals of the program are guided with the assistance of a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). Youth who are EMPOWERED to make a difference in their schools and communities is a key component to the SAVE program. No matter what your age or school level, you can make a difference. Your ideas, views on safety and violence prevention, as well as your talents are important and vital since you are the future. Never set limits on what you want to accomplish! Feel the power within to take a step forward and Reach for the Stars!

Crime Prevention Activities

  • Petition to get a student on the school’s safe school committee so the students’ voices will be heard.
  • Create a school action plan to address safety problems or issues in your school.
  • Prepare a school safety public information brochure or fact sheet to promote programs that have been or will be implemented in your action plan.

Conflict Management Activities

  • Speak to your PTA and request their support towards holding a peer mediation training and implementing the program school wide.
  • Start another SAVE chapter in other local schools and community based agencies.
  • Have students in each class or at a designated area give suggestions on ways to “cool down” when angered
  • Take a stand on important safety issues by writing to your congressman, voicing your opinion.

Service Project Activities

  • Teach the 6 steps to solving a problem to your local elementary school
  • Organize a violence prevention concert or “Stop the Violence Jam.”
  • Work with your community resources (fire departments, police departments) to create a safe haven center for children in danger.
  • Write and submit an editorial comment to your school or local newspaper citing your views or proposed solutions to school safety issues.

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