SAVE members, advisors and chapters across the country are making a difference in their school and community. Please send us information on what your members, advisors and chapters are doing so that we can highlight you on website and in the eSOURCE!


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  • Savage May 9, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Just recently, the Bunn HIgh School SAVE chapter in Bunn NC, took a field trip to Bunn Elementary and Bunn Middle School and put on a presentation about bullying. The elementary school was the biggest success as the children there were very into the presentation and very interactive with the presenters. The SAVE members that presented were ecstatic and couldnt wait to do it again. So it appears this will be a yearly or bi-yearly event. The presenters even threw in a big plug for SAVE as the middle school has a SAVE chapter. Most off the 5th graders all said they were definitely joining SAVE next year so Officer Horton there at the middle school will have his hands full and will probably be needing assistance from some of the high school students who sold this to them. After the presentations we all packed up and went to Sheetz in Louisburg to say a big thank you to the management there as they have been a huge supporter of SAVE this year with our school’s “20 Days Fight Free”. Sheetz provided us with free specialty drink cards that we give out to students who want them after they go for at least 20 days fight free. So far this year, we have only had 8 fights. I believe with the combined efforts from the SAVE club and Sheetz, we have had a very safe and successful 2012-2013 school year. I look forward to see what next year holds for us. This was my first year being involved in SAVE and I believe that next year will be even more productive since I’m a little more familiar with this. Looking forward to the middle school students coming in next year to 9th grade.
    Officer Savage. SRO Bunn High School.


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