Recognizing diversity is important at every age level and in every part of the country. In every school there will be different groups and issues to consider. Look at your own chapter, school and community, is the membership in your chapter a reflection of your student body? Are there recruitment activities that you could use to bring in new members from under represented groups? Many chapters face challenges recruiting male members. Talk to males in your student body to see what might encourage more of them to join and be active in SAVE. Emphasize that being against violence doesn’t make you a wimp or less macho. Continue to make being in SAVE a “cool” thing to do.

Crime Prevention Activities

  • Hang posters around campus stating hate crime statistics and the consequences of harassment and hate crimes.
  • Identify examples of respect and lack of respect for others in history and in literature.
  • Have students pair up with a student from a different culture and allow them to “shadow: each other for a day so they will each see what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  • Create a poster or brochure on diversity. Use the SAVE “I BELIEVE” statements to justify unity.
  • Paint a peaceful mural over graffiti on the school or around the community that incorporates the theme of unity.

Conflict Management Activities

  • Host a “Mix It Up In The Cafeteria Day”- pick one day and encourage everyone to sit with different people at lunch.
  • Have an awareness activity using diversity facts, for example: Hispanics are now the largest minority group in the U.S.
  • Conduct an essay contest on respect and tolerance. Have the winning essay read at an event or over the morning announcements.
  • Act out the “Aliens” Activity from the “How to Be a Good Listener” lesson plan and discuss types of respect in other cultures
  • Use team-building activities that utilize sharing and group participation (SAVE Team Building).

Service Project Activities

  • Sponsor a Cultural Awareness Fair where dress, food, activities, and decorations reflect different cultures from around the world.
  • Pick a group in your school or community that rarely gets recognition and have a day or activity to “appreciate” them.
  • Research the different cultures in your school and designate a different day to honor each one.
  • Organize a service project where all students and members of the community can come together and make a large impact in the school or the community.
  • Sponsor a speech contest on different cultures and how they show respect to one another.

Additional Information

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