National SAVE Day

Sandy Hook Promise invites all SAVE Promise Clubs to participate in National SAVE Day!  Mark your calendars for this important event to take place on October 21, 2020. This event occurs annually during the third full week in October during  America’s Safe Schools Week. During the week of October 18 – 24, 2020, thousands of schools and youth organizations from across the United States will participate.

September: Planning!

  • Determine activities for the day/week
  • List resources needed – supplies & funds
  • Brainstorm guest speakers
  • Develop timeline & action plan and assignments

Early October

  • Publicize event to school, parents and the community – media alert, PSAs, posters, school newsletter, school website, social media
  • Confirm guest speaker and obtain speaker needs
  • Practice skits or speaking events that will occur
  • Seek additional volunteers if needed for event
  • Ask the mayor, governor or principal to officially declare Wednesday as National SAVE Day!  Sample Proclamation

Week of National SAVE Day

  • Conduct PSAs on in school announcements or TV programs, distribute to radio and TV stations
  • Decorate for National SAVE Day
  • Call media and invite them to attend the activities
  • Conduct National SAVE Day activities!
  • Recognize sponsors and supporters at events via signage and verbally

National SAVE Day

  • Host a selfie station in the cafeteria. #SAVEDay
  • Wear Orange 4 Unity Day and in memory of Alex Orange
  • “Reach out to the Un-Reached.” Challenge all students to get to know at least one student they currently do not know well.
  • Adopt a SAVE Member.  Ask older students to “adopt” younger students in their school – have them serve as their “buddy” throughout the school year.
  • Create a Unity Tree to represent your SAVE team!
  • Write positive letters  and anonymously deliver to students and adults.
  • Write compliments, quotes & happy comment post-it notes and place on lockers, mirrors, & desks
  • Chalk It Up! Create positive & encouraging messages on the sidewalks

Send pictures, video and write up to:

After National SAVE Day
Send thank yous to media, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, administrators and staff!

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