National Rock-A-Thon

Guide to Planning a Successful Rock-A-Thonrocking3

On Friday, October 21, 2016 SAVE Chapters from across the country will help to Rock in a Safe School Year as they kick off a National Rock-A-Thon to benefit SAVE.

By participating in the National SAVE Rock-A-Thon, SAVE chapters will have a tremendous impact on improving safety while helping to achieve SAVE’s vision of schools being safe and secure, free of fear and conducive to learning. Funds received from the National SAVE Rock-A-Thon will enable National SAVE to continue its mission by engaging, educating, empowering and encouraging students to make a positive difference in the safety of their school and community. SAVE will continue to distribute quality educational programs, brochures, lesson plans, technical assistance, and opportunities to exchange information as a part of general operating costs. National SAVE is a public 501(c)3 nonprofit and is funded through public support. We are asking every SAVE chapter to participate in this nationwide effort.


What is a Rock-A-Thon? A Rock-A-Thon is an opportunity for your SAVE chapter and community to come together to raise proceeds and awareness for achieving the mission of Students Against Violence Everywhere. The event provides a forum for SAVE members to 1) highlight information and awareness on your SAVE chapter and its activities; 2) conduct a safe and fun activity for SAVE chapter members that can build friendships and assist your chapter in performing as a team early in the school year; 3) raise funds for your SAVE chapter and the National Association of SAVE; and 4) kick-off your SAVE chapter and Back to School Safety Activities.

How does a Rock-A-Thon raise money? SAVE members are recruited to partake in the Rock-A-Thon activities and solicit donations prior to event day. SAVE members “rock” in teams in a rocking chair for up to twelve hours. You will be amazed at the amount of support and generosity that your friends, family members and business contacts give you, simply because you ask for their support.

How will our SAVE chapter benefit? Funds – Your chapter will receive half of all the sponsorship donations collected. The other half will be sent to the National Association of SAVE. Awareness – Your SAVE members will be sharing information on your SAVE chapter as they solicit sponsors. Local media will be informed of your activities and efforts. Community Connections – Local merchants can be solicited to sponsor teams, provide refreshments, or incentives for your event. Members – This is an excellent opportunity for you to recruit members for your SAVE Chapter! It will be a fun event where they can be paired with another SAVE member and can learn about SAVE.

Where do we hold the Rock-A-Thon? At the school, community agency or business that will let you “Rock” all night! SAVE chapters can kick off the Rock-A-Thon with an awareness booth at a Friday night football game or other event where they can also collect additional pledges. After the football game members then report to the school gym, cafeteria, library or other designated area to rock for up to 12 hours. It is suggested that SAVE members rock in teams of 2-4 so that only one rocking chair is needed for 2-4 students. Someone from their team must be rocking at all times. Chapters may also opt for every person to rock giving rockers a 10 minute break every hour.

How can we publicize the event? Promote the event with posters, PSAs, memos, newsletters and media releases. Put up flyers/ brochures at school, community agencies, gym, church or school. Seek a sponsor for incentives including t-shirts, prizes and matching funds. Please share your event success with National SAVE.


Download the Guide to Planning a Sucessful Rock-A-Thon. The guide is a word document so that you can insert your chapter’s information easily and produce custom forms and flyers. The guide includes:

  • detailed planning information Registration form to participate in the National Rock-A-Thon
  • sample permission slip and flyer for Chapter members
  • sample media advisory
  • sample participant letter
  • sample information flyer and pledge sheet
  • and the guide to Planning a Successful Rock-A-Thon.

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