SAVE Promise Clubs engage students in meaningful violence prevention efforts within their school and community.


SAVE Promise Clubs are a way to engage students in preventing violence and keeping themselves and their friends safe. Learning by doing is a key component of SAVE. Empowering students to get involved in hands-on efforts to prevent violence is a rewarding learning experience of SAVE Promise Clubs. Service projects take practical knowledge and information and turn them into a service-oriented learning experience with an after-action reflection piece. An example would be SAVE high school students who travel to a local middle school and teach 7th graders how to Say Something or Start With Hello, and then return to reflect on their service experience as it relates to the skills of conflict management they have learned.


Many times the hardest part about doing a community service or service learning project is getting started! Knowing and picking a good project idea can take up the majority of time … and time is what you most need to do the actual project. Here are some things to consider before starting to “brainstorm” ideas for a SAVE service project.

  • What are some topics or issues of concern or interest for our school’s or SAVE Promise Club students over the last few weeks or months?
  • Are there any crime or violence incidents that have recently occurred in your school or community? If so, what were they?
  • Is there a specific need in your school or community that you feel should have more attention by students and others?
  • What are social interest of concerns specific to your school or community? (For example, there may be a higher incidence of  bullying or youth suicide in your local area.)
  • What are topics, issues, or interest of most students/youth? (You may want to ask students or club members to list their top three concerns on a sheet of paper. Do not ask for names on the paper and anonymously collect the responses.)


  • Start a SAVE Promise Club in other schools.
  • Sponsor a crime/violence prevention fair for your school and community.
  • Decorate a bulletin board at your school, local library, or local business to spread the SAVE Promise Club message.
  • Host a #SaySomething essay contest and send the winning essay to possibly be published in SAVE’s Promise Club newsletter.
  • Support a local violence shelter by hosting a canned food, coat, teddy bear, clothes, or cell phone drive.
  • Adopt-a-grandparent or assist elderly in your community by running errands, cleaning the yard, or just provide company.
  • Create a pamphlet on Start With Hello or Say Something and share at local community centers, libraries and other youth frequented places.
  • Sponsor a photo identification booth for children at a local crime prevention fair or mall expo.
  • Assist your school’s safety team with coordinating a safe school site assessment.
  • Clean-up and revitalize a deteriorated area of your school or community.


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