SAVE encourages positive peer influences within the school and community through violence prevention efforts.

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Clubs can be modified to suit the needs of school and community groups.  SAVE Promise Clubs are currently being implemented in elementary, middle and high schools, on college campuses, in youth-serving organizations, at community centers, and in faith based organizations. Utilizing Sandy Hook Promise’s Know The Signs Programs, SAVE Promise Clubs are learning to Start with Hello and to Say Something.

College Level
SAVE has much to offer for college campuses. As more and more young people become involved in SAVE at the K-12 level, it is natural for alumni to want to continue with the SAVE program in their collegiate years and beyond. SAVE has successfully been established as a recognized organization within student activity boards at community, public, and private colleges across the nation. Students seek a faculty advisor to aid them in their work of promoting personal safety, reducing violent crimes and victimization, underage drinking and contraband, as well as encouraging traditional violence prevention ideals as set forth by SAVE. Chapters typically meet in the evenings, once or twice per month, and establish service projects and awareness campaigns around how to stay safe on and around campus, as well as continuing to outreach to local schools and community based organizations to mentor youth using violence prevention information. Download the Collegiate SAVE Manual for ideas, guidelines, and tips on establishing a Collegiate SAVE chapter.

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