Highlights from the 2016 Summit! 

The National SAVE Youth Advisory Board has chosen Lao Tzu’s quote to be this year’s theme: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a Single Step.

This event is a time for youth voices to be heard in workshops, peer-to-peer presentations, and activities that Encourage, Educate, Engage, and Empower youth with violence prevention strategies. Learn how SAVE 2016-Summit-squarechapters are addressing youth violence, bullying, gangs, dating violence, theft, social media safety, substance abuse, self harm and teen driving safety.  There will be motivating workshops, outstanding speakers, national awareness efforts and special presentations.

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  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Law Enforcement
  • Community Members
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Youth Leaders
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • School Safety Coordinators
  • Dropout Prevention Coordinator

Key Note Speakers

Hans Vogel is a retired Pathologist,  residing in North Carolina,  whose eldest son Vogel webJackson was tragically killed as a passenger in an alcohol-related car crash in May 2005.  Since the untimely death, Dr. Vogel has been associated with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and volunteered as a guest speaker at public and private schools, Fort Bragg Military Installation, corporate and federal  safety events and  court-ordered Victim Impact Panels directed towards impaired driving offenders. In a presentation honoring his son, Dr. Vogel will offer personal insight into how the avoidable crash has affected his family.

Hans has shared his family’s story of heartache and remembering with hundreds of students and adults across North Carolina.  One school administrator commented that she had never seen an auditorium full of students so moved by a speaker in all her years as a Principal.  His story will show the personal side and cost to family’s of impaired driving.

Chris with heloChris McGrath is currently a flight nurse with Carolina Air Care and Hospital Liaison.  He is a published researcher in the Air Medical Journal and Trauma Nurse Journal.  Chris is also the Immediate Past President of the North Carolina Emergency Nurses Association and current Government Affairs Chair.

Chris is a dynamic speaker who enjoys sharing his message with students.  He has been part of nearly 100 Mock Crash events and spoken with students in high schools all over the Southeast.  Chris shares stories from his personal experiences as a flight nurse on the many different ways people are killed and injured due to poor decision making.  Whether that be texting and driving, distracted driving, driving under the influence or other impairment related accidents he has powerful stories to show how just one bad decision can change someone’s life.

ripon#spreadkindness: Re-Writing Our Stories and Re-Thinking Our Strategies 

Join the Ripon College Speakers Bureau for a dynamic presentation about re-thinking our approach to bullying prevention. Through story-telling and story re-telling, the speakers will help you re-write the story of bullying in your school to help #spreadkindness.

The Ripon College Speakers Bureau empowers college students to use their voices to make a difference. Ripon College Speakers Bureau students regularly work with K-12 students to #spreadkindness and prevent violence. Members of the Ripon College Speakers Bureau contributing to this presentation include: Avery Herbon, a sophomore from Antioch, IL studying communication, psychology, and theater; Maddie Vandenhouten, a junior from Green Bay, WI majoring in communication and minoring in Spanish and education; Lauren Hince a sophomore from Minneapolis, MN majoring in communication and politics; Allison Macknick,a juinor from Sheboygan, WI, majoring in theatre and minoring in communication; Andrea Schulner. a senior from Milwaukee, WI majoring in communication and minoring in studio art, and Garrison Anderson, a senior from rural Wisconsin majoring in communication.

Break Out Sessions

AnitBullying Week – Presented by Garner Magnet High School

Students will present what Garner Magnet High School does during our AntiBullying Week including our Rally ‘Round the Flag Pole on National SAVE Day.  PSAs, class activities, and school involvement. (HS)

Community Activism/Finding Community Support and funding for Teen Programs – Presented by Moore County SAVE

Students in SAVE have served as teen voices in the Moore county community. Student’s attend a monthly meeting at a local police department and work with local Assistant District Attorneys on social issues that impact teens. Student have led conversations and assisted with developing ideas to educate peers. Currently students are continuing to write several grants in a hope of raising over $100,000 by 2017. With the support from the local community task force students will propose and hopefully be granted monies to continue life saving programs throughout the community and school system. Students will present grant writing tactics and ways to raise monies and gain support from local community groups. (MS/HS)

Bullying and LGBTQ – Presented by Cuthbertson High School SAVE 

Come learn what it is like to be a teen in the LGBTQ community. Students will gain the knowledge of how to deal with bullying using statistics, examples in life, and more. How can you help others that are affected by bullying in the LGBTQ community? This session will help you understand what to do. (MS/HS)

Destressing through Yoga from the Inside Out – Presented by Yoga with Renée Baker 

This session will introduce students to meditation and yoga as a way to release tension and stress, strengthen muscles, increase body awareness, develop a sense of inner calm and self-esteem, and reduce feelings of frustration and aggression. We will practice breath awareness, yoga poses, games, and partner poses. (ES/MS)

“Class” is in Session – Presented by Ripon College Speakers Bureau

Join us as we explore the issues of social and economic class within a school environment. Explore how separation within these issues is perceived by students, and their peers, along with the affects it has on the classroom. We will tie it all together by developing strategies to address issues of social status and economic class within your school district. (All)

Collaboration for a Cause – Presented by Highland School of Technology

Highland School of Technology will be teaching a session on collaboration and how it is beneficial. We will also give you plenty of ides to take back to your chapter and many examples of fun community service events we have done in the past. (All)

Is the Word “Bullying” Part of the Problem?  – Presented by Ripon College Speakers Bureau

This session will analyze the impact of use of the word “bullying.” We will consider how some physical and verbal abuse is described with words less serious than “bullying “.We will also examine how “bullying” outside school property is usually called “crime” or “harassment.” We will develop strategies to encourage more effective use of language to prevent “bullying” in your community. (All)

Peers Under Pressure – Presented by Hunters Creek ES, Hunters Creek MS and White Oak HS 

The workshop will focus on Peers Under Pressure and will feature SAVE Speech Contest Winners from Hunters Creek Elementary and Hunters Creek Middle School led by White Oak High School SAVE members, YAB’ER-Mamie Frank and Anna Mckenzie Barnett. The presentation will include role plays, panel discussions, and audience participation in this activity. (All)

Get Out of My Face! – Presented by Ripon College Speakers Bureau

This session will explore the ideas of “face” (how we present our identity) and “altercasting” (how we force our assumptions onto others).  Learn about the dangers of altercasting others to benefit our own “face.” Finally, we will develop plans we can all use to raise awareness of these behaviors at our schools. (All)

“Toilet Talk” Using Social Norms to Share Messages – Presented by Chapel Hill High School 

Do you wonder what your classmates are thinking about things? Chapel Hill High School SAVE Chapter will show you how to design and conduct “fun facts” polling with your school. Things like Favorite Fast Food? Best Superhero? Design your poll, collect your results and share them. Plus add in information about important teen safety facts.
Social Norms looks at what we believe is happening vs. what the actual behaviors, facts and statistics are. Learn more about this and how to celebrate the positive choices so many young people are making! (MS/HS)

The Anonymous Bully: New Trends in Cyberbullying – Presented by Ripon College Speakers Bureau

In an era of rapidly expanding technology, “new” media become yesterday’s news faster than we can keep up. In this session we will explore some of the very latest trends in social media popular with teenagers. Specifically, we will discuss the ways some new media worsen the reach and damage of cyberbullying via enhanced anonymity for those who bully. Together, we will consider how SAVE chapters can help educate teachers and parents about these dangers. (Advisors Only)

Teen Safe Driving = SmartTeens – Presented by Optimism Preventative Services SAVE

SmartTeen drivers are safer, more skilled, incur fewer accidents and injuries, and file few insurance claims. Optimism is campaigning to increase the number of SmartTeen Drivers. Join us for hot topic discussions, fun activities and our SAVE Chapter SmartTeens Video. (ALL)

Stigma and Mental Illness – Presented by E.A. Laney High School SAVE

This workshop will involve introductory information about the subject of mental illness and stigma. We will explore stigma and its causes as well as its impact. Participants will be involved in hands-on activities and use their critical thinking skills to debunk myths associated with mental illness. Resources to get involved further in becoming an advocate for mental health will also be discussed and shared. (MS/HS)

Seat Belt Safety, Life After Keke Smith – Presented by Harding University High School SAVE

Harding University HS lost fellow classmate Keke Smith to an auto accident. This session will  focus on seat belt safety and other safe driving habits.  The Chapter will share how they came together with the community after a tragedy and are advocating for change and encouraging teen safe driving.

foot-stompStomp Out the Violence with SAVE!

danceBy popular demand, SAVE chapters will have the opportunity to put together a STEP ROUTINE promoting peace, safety and nonviolence. This has been a favorite activity at past SAVE Summits. Please register your group to step!

Put Your Best Foot Forward with SAVE!foot-forward

SAVE chapter members are asked to trace their foot and decorate it in a peaceful theme. Be sure to include your name, chapter and state on the feet. Chapters can also create just one large foot to represent their entire chapter. At the Summit we will display the feet to represent SAVE’s journey of making a difference. If you cannot attend the Summit, please mail your chapter’s feet to the National SAVE office before March 1, 2016.


Call for Photos

SAVE is collecting photos for a slide show that will premier at the SAVE Summit. Send us photos of your chapters in action, or pictures of SAVE members and their favorite peace quote!
Chapters are also welcome to submit their own slide shows or videos. SAVE will select several to play in the general sessions at the summit. Submit by February 15, 2016 to

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