Sponsor a Students Against Violence Everywhere Chapter at Your Child’s School

SAVE is a unique and powerful approach to youth safety because it recognizes the role that young people can take in making schools and communities safer.   Students are looking for a way to make a difference and to have a safer more peaceful environment.  The opportunity to spread the message of nonviolence to young people and their communities is enhanced when SAVE chapters exist.  Focusing on crime preventionconflict management and service projects, SAVE students are providing positive peer influences in violence prevention efforts.

For $170.00 you can provide your child’s school with a year long membership to SAVE where they will receive ongoing youth violence prevention materials and updates. They will also receive the SAVE Essentials Manual, a 300 plus page toolkit of reproducible brochures, lesson plans, DVDs, posters and more.  So often when trying to prevent youth violence, we overlook our most valuable asset, our students.

 To sponsor a SAVE Chapter via Paypal, please click below: