Please join us for #Promise2 Carry It Forward Call to Action Week from May 14 to 18. You can  organize one to three easy-to-implement activities that show how they will carry forward your leadership and commitment to preventing violence throughout the summer and into the next school year. Some ideas for your Promise 2 Carry It Forward Call to Action Week could include:

  • Promise 2 Selfie Challenge: Students take selfies of themselves and fellow students holding a sheet of paper saying what they “Promise 2.” Post the photos on social media using the hashtag #Promise2. Tag @nationalsave on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, @SandyHook on Twitter and Sandy Hook Promise on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Promise 2 Start With Hello Challenge: Students say “hello” to 17 people they do not know.
  • Promise 2 Be Kind Challenge: Students perform 17 acts of random kindness or pass out 17 kind notes.
  • Promise 2 Be of Service Challenge: Students conduct a service project that benefits at least 17 people.
  • Promise 2 Say Something Challenge: Take students to visit a neighboring school, after-school program or local library hour and have them share information about Say Something or Start With Hello.
  • Promise 2 Have a Safe Summer Challenge: Create banners and have students write what they Promise 2 do for a safe summer, then send us a picture of them holding their banner.
  • Promise 2 Accept Challenge: Students can wear a costume, pajamas or other items that are unique to them. Encourage your school community to celebrate each other’s uniqueness without judgment or fear.Let us know you are participating!https://sandyhookpromise.wufoo.com/forms/promise-2-carry-it-forward-call-to-action-week/