October Theme – Embrace Diversity! Posted October 9, 2019 by Carleen


October is full of opportunities for action for your SAVE Promise Club. It is Bullying Prevention Month, Safe Schools Week is October 20-26, National SAVE Day is October 23, and Make a Difference Day is October 26th!

Acceptance, inclusivity, and social awareness are just a few of the wonderful attributes of SAVE Promise Club student leaders.  Spend time brainstorming and implementing ways to acknowledge, embrace, and celebrate the diversity in your Club and school community.  Reflect on how your Club can reach out and include students from all areas and grade-levels in your school.  Think about ways to connect to other schools in your community to build bridges of understanding and acceptance.  Acknowledge and honor the diverse skills, interests, ethnicities, religions, heritages, and identities in your school with a patchwork puzzle quilt that represents peace, unity, kindness, and social acceptance. Be sure to review the SAVE Promise Club Monthly Activity Guide and SAVE Promise Club Toolkit for ideas, activities and more!