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Suggested posts Leading up to #NYVPW

Day 1: Know the Signs and SAVE the Day!

Day 2: Promote Respect & Tolerance

  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Take a screenshot of you and a new friend on a video call and post it to celebrate new friendships.


  • For #NYVPW perform one #ActOfKindness today. Encourage others to do the same!


  • #NYVPW Compliment Drive: Give compliments to at least five people. Comment on social media, text with friends or call family members. Ask them to #PayItForward!

Day 3: Be an Upstander! 

  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Share your story using #ImAnUpstanderBecause
  • Trusted adults #KnowTheSigns and listen to brave youths who #SaySomething. For #NYVPW share your story using #ImATrustedAdultBecause
  • Recognize someone who goes above and beyond to help create a positive, safe and friendly culture. Encourage them to take a selfie and post it with #NYVPW #Upstander. Retweet or share on your own social media channels.

Day 4 : Resolve Conflicts Peacefully 

  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Paint or draw a peace symbol then take a photo and post on social media. Tag friends to make peace or give them a shout out for promoting peace and positivity.


  • Mindful moments help us to pause and observe our thoughts. For #NYVPW share your favorite inspirational quote.


  • Disagreements don’t need to end in violence. If you feel angry, fearful or anxious, talk to a #TrustedAdult or find an outlet such as music, baking, exercise or art. Share what works for you by posting a photo or video using #NYVPW.

Day 5: Unite in Action! 

  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Unite in Service. Organize a service project where youth and adults come together and make a difference.
  • This is how our club made a difference during #NYVPW [Insert text and images on how your club made a difference this week!] @sandyhook @nationalsave
  • Although National Youth Violence Prevention Week may be ending, prevent youth violence all year long by registering a SAVE Promise Club!
  • SAVE Promise Clubs create a culture of looking out for one another,
    being upstanders and preventing violence before it happens. Find out how to create your own club at
  • Implement a Say Something program at your school to prevent youth violence all year long!

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