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Suggested posts Leading up to #NYVPW

  • National Youth Violence Prevention Week is April 8th-12th, 2019. Start planning your activities now! #NYVPW
  • Register a Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Club and plan your activities for #NYVPW!
  • Check out the daily challenges for #NYVPW (April 8th-12th). Share what activities you have planned!
  • We are proud to be a part of @nationalsave’s National Youth Violence Prevention Week! Join us as we encourage youth to be violence-free! #NYVPW
  • We’re just __ week(s) away from #NYVPW! Learn more at
  • How do YOU plan to participate in #NYVPW April 8th-12th? #violencefree

Day 1 (April 8th): Know the Signs and SAVE the Day!

  • Happy first day of @nationalsave’s #NYVPW! This week teach others how to Say Something when you see warning signs, signals, and threats.  Share helpful tips with families and school staff.
  • During #NYVPW develop a suggestion box, locker, or tip line so students can anonymously report threats or provide suggestions to improve safety.
  • For #NYVPW, help us to change #TomorrowsNews by preventing violence BEFORE it happens.
  • During #NYVPW, learn the signs to SAVE the day!
  • During #NYVPW use icebreakers from the Start With Hello program to encourage students to get to know one another!

Day 2 (April 9th): Promote Respect & Tolerance: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Mix It Up! Get to know at least one person you do not know. Register your Mix It Up day on the Teaching Tolerance website:
  • For #NYVPW we encourage you to perform one act of kindness today. Encourage others to do the same!
  • For #NYVPW we are hosting a confidence campaign! What do you love about yourself? What is your superhero slogan? Share it with us in comments!
  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Organize a time of day to form a human chain around your school to promote unity and acceptance. Share pictures of your human chain with @sandyhook and @nationalsave.
  • Creating a culture of acceptance is important in preventing violence. One way to do this during #NYVPW is to set up a bulletin board full of encouraging words and comments from other students!
  • Today our school is hosting a compliment drive for #NYVPW. Here is A List of 100 Compliments from us to you!

Day 3 (April 10th): Be an Upstander! Use Your Superpowers!

  • For #NYVPW use @sandyhook’s #StartWithHello to create a more caring and inclusive school and community.
  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Recognize Superhero students who go above-and-beyond to help create a positive, safe, and friendly school culture. Take a selfie with them and #NYVPW #Superhero!
  • #NYVPW Activity: Create a public service announcement on what it is to be an Upstander. Share on morning announcements, with local media or social media with #NYVPW
  • For #NYVPW we are advertising our caped crusaders by asking staff and teachers to hang signs in their offices and classrooms that state “I Care About You and Will Be Your Trusted Adult.”
  • For #NYVPW take the pledge to Say Something!
  • Be an Upstander! Learn how to recognize warning signs & report threats of violence during #NYVPW.

Day 4 (April 11th): Resolve Conflicts Peacefully with Super Human Strength!

  • Don’t Let Anger Heat You Up! For #NYVPW learn Tips on Staying Cool When Things Heat Up.
  • During #NYVPW we want to illustrate positive ways to deal with difficult situations such as bullying and peer pressure by sharing Everybody Gets Mad, Ideas for Coping.
  • Learn about the best practices to manage conflicts peacefully through the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center Facts for Teens. #NYVPW
  • Discover Your Happy: This program aims to create awareness that happiness is more than a fleeting feeling, that sustainable happiness is achievable, and that there are a set of skills that can be taught, learned and practiced to help anyone in their journey toward happiness. #NYVPW
  • #NYVPW Activity: Lead a Mindfulness practice – organize a guided meditation where students learn to pause and observe their own thoughts as they come up, assigning each thought a color: yellow for happy, green for neutral, blue for sad, red for angry. Discuss using this practice as a tool when blue and red feelings come up.
  • Today’s #NYVPW Activity: Paint a peace mural over graffiti or host a peace-themed sidewalk art event.

Day 5 (April 12th): Unite in Action! Organize Your Justice League! 

  • #NYVPW Daily Activity: Unite in Service. Organize a service project where youth and adults come together and make a difference.
  • This is how our club made a difference during #NYVPW [Insert text and images on how your club made a difference this week!] @sandyhook @nationalsave
  • Although National Youth Violence Prevention Week may be ending, prevent youth violence all year long by registering a SAVE Promise Club!
  • SAVE Promise Clubs create a culture of looking out for one another,
    being upstanders and preventing violence before it happens. Find out how to create your own club at
  • Implement a Say Something program at your school to prevent youth violence all year long!

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