National Youth Violence Prevention Week – Medical

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Click on the National Youth Violence Prevention Week Community Wheel to learn how everyone can play a part in preventing youth violence! Community Wheel

Health Care Workers can make the Promise to Prevent Youth Violence!

You can demonstrate your commitment to protecting today’s youth and building safer communities by…

  • Contacting your local school to encourage them to participate in National Youth Violence Prevention Week (NYVPW) and to initiate a SAVE Promise Club
  • Inviting your local legislators to participate in NYVPW and asking them to officially recognize the event
  • Educating yourself on Sandy Hook Promise’s free Know the Signs violence prevention programs
  • Reviewing the Say Something materials from Sandy Hook Promise, and learn what it means to be a trusted adult. Discuss with youth to see if they can identify trusted adults in their lives.
  • Wearing violence-prevention ribbons and hanging NYVPW banners to demonstrate your support for the initiative
  • Promoting NYVPW through your newsletters
  • Offering your time, talent, and energy to help out with events throughout the week, such as sponsoring or presenting workshops during local in-school violence prevention conferences
  • Creating a special webpage on your organization’s website that highlights NYVPW and its strategies
  • Adding a link from your agency’s website or social media page to National Youth Violence Prevention Week
  • Adopting a school and donating educational resources to teach the students there how to reduce violence
  • Creating and displaying a NYVPW poster with information on local in-school conferences
  • Asking your local media to cover NYVPW
  • Attending your local school’s violence prevention conference and sharing your concerns about youth violence
  • Creating and giving away NYVPW bookmarks in your lobby to share violence prevention strategies with the general public
  • Selecting a representative from your staff to join a local roundtable and uniting in action with others in your community to reduce violence
  • Becoming a mentor and teaching your mentee effective ways to prevent violence
  • Promoting NYVPW with a newsletter article or blog
  • Delivering a daily NYVPW message through your social media #NYVPW
  • Following @nationalsave and @sandyhook on social media to stay informed of NYVPW activities