Monthly Focus: Speaking Out – Are you Okay? Posted September 1, 2015 by Carleen


It’s September, this month SAVE is focused on communication and speaking out with a

Kaleigh Wright, Cuthbertson High School (NC)

Kaleigh Wright, Cuthbertson High School (NC)

focus on youth mental health. Did you know that 10% of children and teens have mental and emotional disorders that disrupt their day-to-day lives? There are several different types of mental illnesses and by being able to recognize the signs teens can help those suffering. Some ideas to teach your chapter how to recognize signs of someone with mental illnesses are by having a day dedicated to mental health and inviting a speaker from your local mental health departments. Also, make sure your chapter does plenty of team building exercises to show that everyone can trust one another, so they feel they can speak out about what they are going through.
I want to share more on what your chapter can do to help show those in your school can communicate with one another. Have your chapter make tip cards on how to communicate better and have a conversation with a friend you think needs help. Research states that 25% of those suffering feel others don’t have compassion towards them. As a group, you can teach your chapter that it is okay to look towards counselors and/or parents for guidance in the matter. When it comes to mental illnesses the best thing to do is communicate and speak out about what you or a loved one is going through.
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