January SAVE Shining Star – Danai Winters Posted January 4, 2017 by Carleen


Danai Winters is a tenth grade student at Clarksdale High School in Mississippi. According to her SAVE Advisor, Kaitlyn Barton, “Danai is an incredibly passionate and hard working student. She is committed to building a positive school culture at CHS and has worked tirelessly to make that positive school culture a reality.” Danai has taken the initiative to lead her SAVE chapter at CHS. She has innovative ideas about how to talk to her peers about community violence and has a deep understanding of the need for awareness. She understands that violence is more than a physical act and she has worked very hard to bring awareness about bullying (online, verbal, and physical) to her peers.
Danai led a school wide pledge against bullying back in October. She hand crafted signs for her peers to sign when they took a pledge to stop bullying. She even incorporated the homecoming themes and made each sign specific to each class. Danai personally manned
the information table during lunch, talking to her peers about the importance of building each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

Congratulations Danai on being SAVE’s Shining Star for the month of January! Do you have a SAVE member that shines above the rest? Would you like them to be recognized for their outstanding efforts? Please complete our brief form and share with us why the student should be recognized as a SAVE Shining Star by the National SAVE office. Students honored will receive a SAVE Shining Star Certificate, be publicly recognized for their efforts in the SAVE eSource, on the SAVE Blog and in social media.