February SAVE Shining Star – Michaela King Posted February 2, 2017 by Carleen


Michaela King is a senior at Mukwonago High School in Wisconsin. Her advisor, Sarah Dianich shared that “Michaela has not only worked tirelessly as a SAVE member for the past four years, but she has also lived the SAVE way, leading as the president of their chapter, and leading in all of her other roles here. She constantly stands up to remind her peers what acceptable behavior looks like, and she’s not afraid to call out others on inappropriate use of social media, using her own as a platform for change and positivity. Currently, she is heading up a fundraiser to sell bracelets that will send a Rwandan girl through school. Michaela is most certainly Mukwonago’s shining star!”

Congratulations Michaela on being SAVE’s Shining Star for the month of February! Do you have a SAVE member that shines above the rest? Would you like them to be recognized for their outstanding efforts? Nominate them for the SAVE Student of the Year!