D’Naysia Huggins is a third grader at Lockhart Elementary in the US Virgin Islands. D’Naysia joined SAVE two years ago, after being bullied, having snacks stolen during lunch recess, and being excluded from classroom “in crowds”. She is a dynamic speaker and a truly inspirational dancer! She is very brave,and persuasive with her schoolmates. She has also become a sort of “Public Defender” for smaller students on the playground during recess. D’Naysia is already a tremendous force throughout her community. She has been a member of SAVE, as well as The VI Boys & Girls Club,where she furthers her training in the arts. D’Naysia openly speaks out when she witnesses any type of inappropriate,or abusive behavior towards other students. She actively leads several Anti-Violence chants, poems and songs during our Bullying and Violence Prevention Rallies and Marches. D’Naysia has become empowered through SAVE and now assists with recruiting other students to join us.

Abenique Remy is a 5th grade student at Lockhart Elementary in the US Virgin Islands. Abenique was a victim of bullying from Kindergarten through 2nd grade, which made her feel very alone, scared and powerless. Through SAVE and her performing art activities she is now able to express her inner emotions to those who had previously bullied her. She is empowered enough to stand up not only for herself, but to speak out against all forms of student against student violence. She has a soft, caring,empathetic quality which she exercises to get her classmates to join her in welcoming new students, and somewhat “adopting” younger students who perhaps have experienced some of the humiliations and intimidation as she went through when she was younger. She gladly participates in every Peace March and Anti-Bullying/ Violence Prevention Rally held at Lockhart Elementary School. She was also one of four members who spoke out on a local USVI Talk Show about the benefits of joining SAVE and how she feels to have been a member for the past few years. Abenique participated in a skit during an Anti-Bullying Rally, where she acted out how older children made her feel when she first entered the school. She put all of her emotions into the until when it came time for her character to cry, several of the very students who had bullied her began apologizing and we’re ready to run up on stage to defend her against the “pretend mean girls. That performance resulted in open conversations and lasting friendship among students who had once been at odds with each other. Abenique has emerged from a frightened victim of Bullying to a powerful spokesperson against all violence and abuse.

Congratulations D’Naysia and Abenique on being SAVE’s Shining Stars for the month of December! Do you have a SAVE member that shines above the rest? Would you like them to be recognized for their outstanding efforts? Please complete our brief form and share with us why the student should be recognized as a SAVE Shining Star by the National SAVE office. Students honored will receive a SAVE Shining Star Certificate, be publicly recognized for their efforts in the SAVE eSource, on the SAVE Blog and in social media.