Crime Prevention

East Chapel Hill Speak OutSAVE is a program designed to involve and empower students to prevent violence. It is obvious that crime and violence are linked. Juvenile crime is not the only target of this component, but all crime in general. Juvenile victimization is an area of concern in SAVE chapters addressing crime related issues. Youth between the ages of 12 – 19 are victims of crime twice as often as any adult age group in the United States… including the elderly. SAVE encourages youth to learn where they are safe in their schools and communities, gun safety awareness, civic responsibility in crime reporting, and why it is important to have rules and laws. Lesson plans in these areas are included in the SAVE Essentials Manual.  Youth in SAVE are encouraged to coordinate and participate in service projects that aid in the prevention of crime. Examples include: painting over a graffiti-ridden area with messages of peace and safety, high school students teaching middle or elementary students the crime prevention lesson plans, or even advocating to their school board or city council for more crime/violence prevention programs.

Here are a few crime prevention topics covered by SAVE:

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