Conflict Management

Bullying Awareness PostersConflicts happen to everyone … everywhere … everyday. Unfortunately, often conflicts can escalate into violence and people are hurt or even killed … many of these people are youth.

SAVE works to promote the management of conflicts for the safety of everyone involved. Youth are taught that conflicts are a normal part of life, but that violence is not part of that normality. Conflicts can be useful if you are open and willing to learn from them! Realistically, though, not all conflicts can be resolved. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree. Therefore, using the term conflict “management” is important. The SAVE Essentials Manual has detailed lesson plans on managing conflicts between others, active listening skills, and even bullying prevention. Elementary through high school age appropriate activities are included in this manual.

SAVE youth are encouraged to participate in service projects in and around the areas of conflict management. Examples of such projects include: teaching peers or younger students basic steps in managing conflicts – particularly those of mediation and holding a mock mediation or staged conflict scenarios to practice these skills, creating a conflict management guide sheet for distribution in your school or community, or even putting on skits or plays around conflict management.

A sample of conflict management topics and activities covered by SAVE include:

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