Vicksburg High School – Vicksburg

Activities conducted at Vicksburg High School this year:

  1. Representatives from the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office came and spoke with the students about bullying and social media safety during the month of January.
  2. SAVE chapter along with the Vicksburg Police Department teamed up and did a No Violence activity and step show during the basketball game during the month of February.
  3. Students created posters during Students Against Violence Week to raise awareness about teen driving safety.
  4. Students role played have to resolve conflicts peacefully during their classes.
  5. Students were given statistics via the intercom about various statistics regarding teen dating violence and the dangers of texting while driving.
  6. Students were presented with information regarding teen dating violence and places where they could go to feel safe if something occurred and needed to get away.
  7. Students participated in National Youth Violence Prevention Week with different focus each day (April 7-11,2014).
  8. Students participated in the National Walk Against Violence sponsored by the Vicksburg Police Department to raise awareness about the effects that violence has on families.
  9. Safe Prom Program was held April 17th which gave students information about not texting and driving by Allstate Agent John Prewitt.  Sheriff Martin Pace also spoke about teen dating violence.


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