Callaway High School, Jackson

Callaway High School has continued its efforts in promoting school and driving safety this year. Fall activities included the distribution of informational materials, awareness posters, signs and announcements.  SAVE members performed a skit about seat belt use at the Pep Rally Bonfire.

In February 2013, the SAVE Chapter hosted a Blood Drive.  Announcements were made to alert students of what could happen during car accidents.  SAVE members directed students to different blood drive stations.

In April pre-Prom and Teen Safe driving rallies were held.  Students signed the SAVE banner committing to be a safe driver.   A seatbelt radio commercial was played and SAVE members performed a small skit. Allstate representative, Samuel James shared information and an Allstate DVD with students.  Students also participated in several safe driving events including a rollover and impaired driving simulator.  Fact sheets and pledges to be signed were displayed in the Seat Belt Coalition booth. The film “LOOKING BACK” was played to encourage teens not to be distracted while driving.  At the end of the event students signed the “X THE TXT” pledge banner. Rings were distributed and thumbprints were stamped on the Allstate Pledge Banner.

The SAVE Chapter advisor is Becky Cornelius.
Press Release: Callaway High School SAVE Chapter To Host Teen Safe Driving Rally April 12 – April 12, 2013