Biloxi High School, Biloxi

Biloxi High School, Biloxi – In October, Red Ribbon Week was observed along with America’s Safe School Week.  A wrecked car involved in an actual DUI was parked in front of the school as a reminder of what can happen if driving impaired.  Students conducted a distracted driving questionnaire and seat belt checks. On National SAVE Day peace signs were displayed around campus and a peace banner was signed by students.  Students also signed the Allstate X the TXT Banner.

During Prom week, March 11-15, 2013, the Chapter conducted several activities to make juniors and seniors aware of the safety in buckling up and not drinking and driving. A wrecked car was placed in front of the school, banners were displayed, and students participated in an impaired driving course. A statement was placed on the back of the Prom invitation and handed out flowers to all the girls leaving Prom with a note from an elementary student to have a safe prom. Activities educated students on what could happen if you drink and drive. Students enjoyed receiving the carnation with the special note from an elementary student and it is believed that it may have had some students think twice before drinking before or after Prom.  The SAVE advisor at Biloxi High School is Officer Daisi Watson.

Stop Violence, SAVE Lives – The Hi-Tide, Biloxi High School, January 24, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Of Biloxi, Miss. Declares May National Teen Safe Driving Month – May 17, 2013

Mayor A.J. Holloway proclaimed May Teen Safe Driving Month in Biloxi, MS.  On May 17, SAVE Advisor and School Resource Officer Daisi Watson received the Proclamation.