Port Gibson High School

Port Gibson High School in Port Gibson, Mississippi has big plans for its SAVE Chapter this year.  In a community back to school event & open house in August, chapter members handed out pamphlets with ideas to keep the community safe.

During America’s Safe School Week, October 21-25, SAVE members:

  • Developed suggestion boxes to place at local businesses and schools for suggestions to improve school climate.
  • Coordinated a school safety workshop with Principal Ross, Chief Calvin Jackson, Marvin Lucas, Fire Chief Shoulders and Resource Officers Watson and Moore.
  • Hosted a ‘decorate your hall’ contest among grade levels to spread the violence prevention message.
  • Coordinated a nonviolence pledge signing.
  • Challenged all students to be Fight Free for the entire week.
  • Conducted a nonviolent essay/poetry contest Essay/poetry contest.
  • Had a poster contest on, “How to Make Claiborne County a Better Place” judged by the staff and Mayor Reeves.
  • Visit daycares, Headstart Centers and local elementary schools to discuss Playground Safety, Backpack Safety and Bullying.

The Chapter also held a Teen Driver Safety Week October 21-25. SAVE members:

  • Hosted several activities throughout the week at the elementary, middle and high schools focusing on School Bus Safety.
  •  Helped teens and parents set clear expectations for each other to develop safe skilled drivers by hosting a family night.
  • Invited State Troopers Kenneth Tarleton and Liggans to talk to students about the three common errors that lead to teen crashes: speed management; recognizing and avoiding distractions; and scanning for hazards.
  • Designed posters/banners and bookmark (with Driver’s Education classes) that encourage safe behaviors like buckling up, reducing distractions and respecting the driver.
  • Conducted an It Can Wait  anti-texting event.
  • Provided parent/students fact sheets on underage drinking and impaired driving.

On November 19, 2013, a Stand Up to Bullying rally took place.  Senator Albert Butler encouraged the young people to take the lead on creating a future without bullying by using technologies to promote positive communication rather than being held back by cyber bullying.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May) and prom/graduation activities:

  • Diver’s education students created a video designed to motivate, persuade and encourage teens to not text while driving and other distractions
  •  Students in the computer classes designed a creative sign that focus on encouraging everyone to wear a seat belt.
  • At the prom and graduation, brochures and flyers were placed on cars reminding everyone to buckle up for safety.
  • Members distributed statistics on Underage Drinking and Impaired Driving
  • SAVE and Allstate Agent Beverly Greene held the annual Distracted Teen Driving Day at Port Gibson High School on May 21 and 22, 2014. Students demonstrated simulators and driving go carts while wearing drunk goggle provided by Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). Police and Sheriff’s departments were also on hand.

The SAVE Advisor at Port Gibson High is Azroll McCoy.