Noxubee County High School

This chapter’s September activities focused on highway, school and bus safety.  Students were given an opportunity to compete in a essay contest entitled “How Can I Make My School and Community Safer?

In October, SAVE members passed out information on safety schools and communities.  They hosted a district-wide Safety Fair which covered the topics of bus safety, Rock the Belt, goggles, fire safety, social safety, EMT, and DARE.   Highway Patrol and Police officers  performed safety drills for the entire school district.




 The chapter hosted a Pre-Prom/Graduation which stressed the importance of Safe Driving during the Prom and Graduation events. A short film was shown in reference to texting and driving.  There was guest speaker from the Noxubee County Sheriff Department and SAVE members performed a skit about texting and driving. A  poem contest using the subject of texting and driving was held.  The Noxubee County SAVE Advisor is Laphilbia Smith.