Callaway High School 2015-2016

Callaway High School has big plans for their SAVE Mini Grant. To start off the high school incorporated safety into their homecoming activities for Teen Safe Driving Week and America’s Safe School Week; for example, students dressed up in costumes related to safe driving and gave shout outs during the pep rally.

In the upcoming year Callaway High School plans to use their SAVE Mini Grant money to hold a blood drive for non-violence awareness, have an Allstate representative host an X the Text event, and teach students the value of safe driving through the use of impaired driving goggles. Callaway High School will also have students pledge safe driving during Prom, hold a leadership conference and host a guest speaker from MoToSteps, Mississippi’s first and only nonprofit Motorcycle Safety Training Program.

SAVE members held a school wide blood drive with Mississippi Blood Services implementing the concept of saving lives.

Callaway High SAVE members held an X the TXT event on April 15th with Allstate agent Steven James.


The SAVE Advisor for Callaway High School is Becky Cornelius.