Biloxi High School

March 10, 2014 – Biloxi High students learn sobering lesson before prom –

March 10, 2014 – Biloxi High students learn sobering lesson before prom – wave3news

Each month the SAVE Chapter at Biloxi High School conducts a random seat belt check.  Passengers buckled up received a “treat” and those that were not received a citation and a dum-dum.

During Red Ribbon Week / National SAVE Day (October 28 – November 1), the school was decorated with red ribbons and red rubber bracelets with the message “BHS says peace out to drugs” were handed out. Students who wore the  bracelet everyday were able to register for prizes each day.  Students also signed a pledge and banner to stopping the violence. Inspirational quotes were written on the bathroom  mirrors in all bathrooms on National SAVE Day.

biloxi2jpg bloxipledge

Other fall activities:

  • Cemetery Tour – SAVE members directed traffic through the cemetery and heard an reenactment of historical people  that are buried there
  • Northbay Night Out – SAVE members volunteered to work at this elementary school event where parents and students come to meet and greet
  • Christmas Parade – SAVE members walked in the annual parade
  • Santa Wears A Badge – a contest to all  classes that brought in new toys for needy kids.  SAVE members rode with the local police department to deliver these toys to needy  families.


  • Project Impact – Members put together a DUI re-enactment that was presented to Juniors and Seniors the week of Prom.
  • Prom – Members gave out safety postcards that were made by elementary students to all those leaving Prom.
  • Teens On The Move – Members went on a field trip to TOTM conference in

The SAVE Advisor at Biloxi High is Officer Daisy Watson.