Biloxi High School 2015-2016

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PRESS: Biloxi High School Holds Assembly on Drinking & Driving, Fox News

PRESS: Safety Belt Checkpoint Sweetens Ride Home Biloxi D’Iberville Press- November 26, 2015

Coast Schools Get Grants to Promote Safe Driving – The Sun Herald- January 29, 2016


Biloxi High School had an event packed October thanks to their SAVE Mini Grant sponsored by the Allstate Foundation. Throughout October the high school hosted events such as North Bay Night Out, and Red Ribbon Week. Biloxi High School also celebrated National SAVE Day by creating flyers, banners and holding contests for students that promoted safety awareness. In addition to these events, Biloxi High School hosted Kevin Brooks as their homkindness cardsecoming guest speaker. Kevin Brooks’ reputation has grown over the years and he feels strongly about advocating for safe driving, depression, bullying, and substance abuse.


Buckle UpDuring National Youth Violence Prevention Week and National Youth Traffic Safety Month, Biloxi High School will use their SAVE Mini Grant to make banners and educational pamphlets to bring awareness of common safety issues to students and staff. To further this, the high school will have students take a pledge and use sidewalk chalk art to promote safe choices. Biloxi High School is also making sure students are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving by holding a DUI re-enactment just before prom.
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The SAVE Advisor for Biloxi High School for 2015-2016 is Daisy McCarroll.