The ARL Project 2014-2015

Back to School Activities:

City wide Pep Rally and Red Carpet Bowl are activities that the students attend with their parents. Information regarding seat belts and safety as well as education and awareness.

America Safe School Week Activities:

Set up booths and activities in area schools promoting and educating on seatbelt safety, participating in National Night Out activities, and local and area football games to include the area high school homecoming parades and events.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week:

Booths will be set up in the schools promoting non violence and bullying campaigns. Continue to enforce and promote seatbelt safety and awareness in preparation from prom and spring break.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month:

Provide assemblies for students on how to be safe and make pro-life decisions during the graduation and summer vacations.

Attend summer camps to ensure students continue to be safe and aware of measures to remain safe.