St Patrick Catholic High School

Activities planned at St Patrick Catholic High School this year include:

 Back to School Activities

  • First meeting will be a social activity. We will plan a tailgate party for our homecoming game.

Tailgate Party for Homecoming

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24, 2014)

  • Poster Contest.
  • Student that wear red will get a treat.
  • Football players helmets will be decorated with red. At half time we will hold a candle light prayer for school safety.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27, 2015)

  • Mix it up at lunch activity.
  • Essay contest.
  • Grim reaper activity.
  • Sponsor a fingerprinting event.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)

  • “Buckle up” activity: reward people wearing seat belts a “smartie” candy and a “dum dum” candy, if not. This occurs upon arriving to school in the morning.
  • Safe prom pledge, guest speaker for juniors and seniors, raffle a limo for prom, mock accident.

Activities during other times of the school year:

  • Valentine’s day activity: “I don’t drink/text and drive, because I love ___”
  • Monthly social activities (bowling, skating, laser tag, etc.)
  • Birthday cards for members
  • Food drive for needy at Thanksgiving.
  • Police lead assembly on safe driving. Showed a film, talked and answered questions. Students were very responsive.

The advisor at St Patrick Catholic High School is Sandra Simpson.