Port Gibson High School

SAVE picPRESS: February 19, 2015- Port Gibson Receives Grant-The Port Gibson Reveille

Activities planned at Port Gibson High School this year include:

 Back to School Activities

  • SAVE members distributed pamphlets on the organization.
  • SAVE members held a membership drive.
  • SAVE members distributed pamphlets on how to make our schools safer.
  • SAVE members spoke at PTA meeting.

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24, 2014)

  • Develop suggestion boxes for suggestions to improve school climatepic 2. These boxes will be position throughout the school and local business.
  • Coordinate a school safety workshop
  • Coordinate a nonviolence pledge signing.
  • Host a decorate your hall competition among grade levels to spread the violence prevention message. School wide challenge to a Violence Free week-Students received ice cream.
  • Conducted a nonviolence essay contest.  The winning essay was read during the morning announcements.
  • Invite local law enforcers to make presentations to students on child safety, drug abuse prevention, and juvenile justice practices and policies. Visiting law enforcers can demonstrate tools of their trade, including trained police dogs, breathalyzers and emergency vehicles.
  • Distribute flyers from National Association of School Psychologist – “Talking to Children About Violence” – Tips for Parents and Teachers
  • SAVE members and advisors will visit day cares, Head start Centers and local elementary and middle school to discuss playground and backpack safety.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27, 2015)

  • Day 1 – Promote Respect & Tolerancesave pic 1
    • SAVE members along with teachers will conduct an essay contest on respect and tolerance. The winning essay will be read at an event or over morning announcements.
    • SAVE members and teachers will reach out to the unreached. Challenge all students to get to know at least one student they do not know.
    • Teachers will be encourage to have a class discussion/role play on the importance of showing respect.
    • Teachers will be encourage to use team building activities that utilize sharing and group participation.
    • Identify examples of respect and lack of respect for others in social studies textbooks and other materials.
    • Teachers will have students do research papers on different cultures and how they show respect to one another.
  • Day 2—Manage Your Anger, Don’t Let it Manage You!
    • Advisors , teachers and others will host a classroom door decoration contest on ways to handle stress or manage anger.
    • Organize a “March Against Violence Parade” around campus.
    • Hold a class discussion on ways to “cool down” when angered.
    • Create drawings, posters or other signs showing that anger is a natural and normal part of life – but violence is not.
  • Day 3: Resolve Conflicts Peacefully
    • Create a Peacemakers Wall that pays tribute to local, national, and international figures who have resolved conflicts peacefully.
  • Day 4: Support Safety
    • Distribute brochure or fact sheet.
    • Host an in-school violence prevention assembly. Invite parents, local officials to participate in the assembly. Ask the media to cover the program.
    • Host student essay/ poster contest on violence prevention
  • Day 5: Unite in Action
    • Ask school technology personnel to add a banner to the school’s website to link it to the official campaign website.
    • Show students video and announce the contest winners.

 National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)

  • SAVE their annual Distracted Teen Driving Day at PoIMG_2783rt Gibson High School on May 24, 2015.  Students were entertained by simulators, bean bag toss with drunken goggles, driving go-cart while wearing drunk goggle.  Students were encouraged to take the lead on creating a future without bullying by using technologies to promote positive communication rather than being held back by cyber bullying. Students were reminded that distracted driving is the act of driving while engaged in other activities-such as looking after children, texting, talking on the phone or to another passenger, eating, or reading-that takes the driver’s attention off the road.
  • X-The Text Event-Teen Safe Driving Rally
  • SAVE members, with Driver Education classes designed posters/banners and bookmarks that encourage safe behaviors like buckling up, reducing distractions and respecting the driver.
  • Require students in the driver’s education course to create a “Happy Video” designed to motivate, persuade and encourage teens to not text while driving and other distractions.
  • Students in the computer course will be asked to design a creative sign that focuses on encouraging everyone to wear a seat belt. Designs will be added to the school website.
  • At the prom and graduation, brochures and flyers will be placed on cars reminding everyone to buckle up for safety. If needed, designated drivers will be provided.
  • Members will distribute statistics on Underage Drinking and Impaired Driving.

Activities during other times of the school year:

  • During the school’s annual holidays, programs, prom and sporting events, flyers or stickers will be distributed encouraging drivers to drive safe and/or teens to be safe.
  • Walk to School Day
  • School bus safety Week- SAVE members provided activities throughout the week at A.W. Watson Elementary School.  The activities included: Coloring with K-3, 4-6 made bookmarks, and middle and high school students had a poster contest and provided breakfast for the bus drivers.
  • National School Breakfast Week
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Global Youth Traffic Safety Monthpic3
  • Act Out Loud
  • National Organization for Youth Safety
  • Youth-Turn
  • Just Stop Bullying
  • Under Your Influence
  • Peace, Friendship, and Good Will Week
  • End of the Year – Driver Education Summit
  • Throughout the school year flyers will be distribute about the SAVE program and membership in the local chapter will be encouraged.
  • The organization will also be holding educational events, placing Public Service Announcements, and partnering with other safe driving organizations throughout the year to further its safety message. It is the hope that these regular reminders to friends, family, and co-workers will encourage people to think twice before texting and driving. In addition to electronic reminders.

The advisor at Port Gibson High School is Arzell McCoy.