Hancock County High School

Activities planned at Hancock High School this year include:

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24, 2014)DSCN8081

  • Teen drug use is the focus with a guest speaker from the DEA.
  • A parent information night is planned with the county sheriff’s department and the school SRO.
  • October 3rd Focus on Teen Safe Driving
  • October 17th X the TXT
  • October 22nd Impaired driving Goggle Activity- This event will be held as an assembly for the student body. Students will see first hand using vision impairing goggles that simulate impaired driving, both from drugs and alcohol.  Students will complete in an activity showing delayed reaction due to impairment while wearing the goggles.  The goal of this activity is to inform students of the hazards of driving while impaired.  Possible speaker- State Trooper, Mr. Johnny Poulos to be present at the activity.
  • October 29th Power of Obedience

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27, 2015)

  • SAVE Club Members will distribute information to the elementary schools in the district. They will solicit letters and notes about safe driving and behavior from the elementary students that can be shared with the juniors and seniors when they pick up their prom tickets.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)DSCN8072

  • SAVE will have students participate in assemblies and sign a Prom safety pledge . As students pick up their prom tickets they will be given a note or picture from an elementary student reminding them to make wise decisions.
  • Students will be given a flower as they leave prom with a note about being wise .
  • Safe driving flyers will be placed inside diplomas for graduation!

Other Activities Throughout the Year:

  • Held a Kiss the Pig Campaign to raise money for children in foster care for Christmas gifts.Safe-driving-Prom
  • In February a Drug Awareness assembly was held for the entire school body.
  • Safe Prom-Every student who attended the prom received a world keychain  to remind them to return to school safe on Monday.
  • During April a school assembly was held showing the video “Every 15 Seconds.”
  • Student Assembly with DEA Agents discussing choices and decisions.
  • Student Assembly with guest speaker-“The Power of Obedience.”

The SAVE advisor at Hancock High School is Lori Swilley.DSCN8085DSCN8164