Gulfport High School – 2014-2015

Activities planned at Gulfport High School this year include:

Back to School Activities

  • Promote good habits when riding to school – buckling up and not texting
  • Paying attention to railroads – Several railroads on the way to school

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24)Picture-014

  • Be a champion! Wear orange on the 22nd of October to promote awareness to stop bullying and to protect othersd.
  • Use kind words to promote self-confidence and respect for each other
  • Visit elementary classrooms to discuss the importance of not texting or drinking while driving- how to take to your teen and tween about the dangers of doing these things.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27)

  • Hold a rally to support non violence in our schools
  • Hold a round table discussion with adults teens, and tweens on how to control their anger in a positive manner
  • Discuss good manners and how body language can play a role in violence

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)

  • Set up a drinking and driving simulation where students drive a side by side vehicle while wearing goggles that simulate drinking and driving.
  • Focus on-Texting, eating, drinking, speed limit, driving without a license and putting on make-up while driving, looking at social media.
  • Define road rage-How do you handle when someone cuts you off or does not follow road rules.

Activities during other times of the school year:


  • February 28th there will be a Zumbathon held for Teen Safe Driving and Health awareness and to get the word out there about SAVE. Ms. Doughty will be the instructor and will be leading the event. Zumba Time
  • Parents signed to support the anti-bullying and safe schools community poster at high school and middle school. Sixteen mentors that are supporting our middle schools and about 30 members.
  • Hold a rally in November for 5th and 6th graders with safe and non-violent ways to handle anger
  • High school and middle school students will work together and hold round table discussions with 5th and 6th graders on different SAVE related topics.
  • Survey will be given to students concerning different topics and provide a hand-on activity that will promote awareness of bullying, safety

Gulfport High School SAVE advisor is Shannon Doughty.