Callaway High School

FB_IMG_1431478412505Activities planned at Callaway High School this year include:

Back to School Activities

  • Welcome back “seat belt” belt signs placed in hallway, student parking lot, teacher parking lot and in the front of school.
  • Morning/Afternoon announcements with teen statistics of safety, violence and drug usage, abusive and non abusive teen relationships.

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24, 2014)

  • Home coming activities will include pep rally shout outs, parade participation with handouts, game night statistics announced during g20150507_125828ame time intervals, and pledge sign-up during homecoming game.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27, 2015)

  • X the Text rally with Allstate guest speaker Steven James.
  • MS Department of Transportation rover activity.
  • Student blood drive.

National Youth Traffic Safety Mo20150508_095546nth (May)

  • Prom Pledge Rally.
  • Pledge survey handouts.
  • Gift drawing for students who sign SAVE pledge banner.20150507_125337









Activities during other times of the school year:

  • MS Office of Highway safety training
  • Teens on the Move Conference

The advisor at Callaway High School is Becky Cornelius.