Biloxi High School


February 5, 2015-Biloxi Receives Allstate Grant to Promote Teen Safe Driving Message -WXXV25

December 17, 2014-Biloxi students, police officers deliver toys -SunHerald

November 20, 2014-Allstate Foundation Awards $75,000 Grant to Students Against Violence Everywhere  Biloxi D’Iberville Press

Santa With Badges make Early Christmas Deliveries

Activities planned at Biloxi High School this year include:

Back to School Activities

  • Random Seat Belt Checks
  • Don’t Text and Drive Rally during Homecoming

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24, 2014)Biloxi-Booksnotdrugs

  • Prepare a school safety brochure
  • National SAVE Day – hang banners and peace signs
  • Reach Out to the Un-Reached
  • Our bullying activity had taken place on October 22 and was called Pass It On. Each chapter member made approximately 300 cards that had inspirational messages on them. The cards were randomly given to students that the chapter member believed needed a motivational pick up.
  • During Red Ribbon Week we handed out bracelets to all students.  The bracelet had ‘I choose to Be Drug Free’ on it.  Students who wore the bracelet could register each day to win prizes.  The school was decorated with red ribbons and banners.  An announcement was made each morning about a drug statistic and teens. We also put the RRW theme on the front marquee as you enter the school.  Trooper BJ Siebert with the MS highway Patrol came one day during lunch with the drunk goggles and set up a DUI test station for students.  Officer Wayne Miller with the Biloxi PD came another day and brought brochures about different drugs and how they affect you.  The MS Youth Highway Safety Program also came out and set up an info table.
  • Anna Chatigner and Abbigail Lawson who are also board members went to Northbay to talk to students about bullying. They talked about bullying and why you shouldn’t bully.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27, 2015)

  • Promote several activities against bullying
  • Reach out to the unreached

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)

  • Announcements on statistics
  • Random Seat Belt Checks-Conducted random seat belt checks. Chapter members stopped each vehicle to make sure each person in the vehicle was buckled up.  If they were, they received a smartie candy or lollipop.  If their are not, they receive a dum dum dandy and a fake ticket.
  • Guest Speaker

Activities during other times of the school year:

National SAVE Day: We decorated the school with peace signs and anti-bullying banners, we even chalked the sidewalks with peace signs and anti-bullying messages. The students handed out Pass It On Cards. These cards had special positive messages on them and were given to other students that they thought may need a motivational pick up.

Seat Belt checks are done once a month.

At the prom chapter members handed out carnations with a safe driving message attached to it.

Red Ribbon Week: All students received a medical bracelet that said: I Choose To Be Drug Free. Each day students could register at lunch to win prizes if they were wearing their bracelet. The school was decorated with red ribbons and banners. Students made announcements each morning about a drug and its statistic with teen use. We had a door decorating contest.

  • Red Ribbon WeekBiloxipic1
  • North Bay Night Out
  • Santa Wears A Badge
  • DUI re-enactment for Prom

On March 13 hosting the Sophomore Talk. Since Sophmores are the ones beginning to drive-they will be pulled from class throughout the day for a presentation.  The SAVE members will perform the same skits from the Teen Safe Driving workshop and Mr. BJ Seibert, Highway Patrolman will be the quest speaker. Mr. Seibert will also be showing a slideshow for the students. Hoping that the students will retain the information.

The advisor at Biloxi High School is Daisy Watson.