The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) is proud to partner with The Allstate Foundation in Mississippi to empower youth in their safety efforts through their SAVE Chapters.

“By empowering teens to youth safety activists in their schools and communities, we hope to reverse the staggering statistics,” said Jan Epstein, Corporate Relations Manager of The Allstate Foundation “Through The Allstate Foundation, we seek to develop innovative, teen-focused approaches to raise awareness of the issue and, ultimately, to help save lives and reduce injuries.”

The Allstate Foundation presented a $57,000 grant to Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) to assist SAVE chapters in Mississippi to empower youth  in their safety efforts. This grant from The Allstate Foundation will support the SAVE program in schools and community agencies. Youth safety awareness campaigns will be conducted during key times of the year including Safe Schools Week, National SAVE Day, holidays, National Youth Violence Prevention Month, Teen Safe Driving Month (May), prom, and graduation.

Press: The Allstate Foundation Awards $57,000 to Students Against Violence Everywhere

Allstate Foundation Awards $57,000 to SAVE, The Biloxi-D’Iberville Press


Biloxi High School

Biloxi High School has an exciting year aimg_3797head. For National SAVE Day students wore orange or purple, peace signs were hung from the ceilings, purple and orange peace sign flyers were handed out to the students. Morning announcements, which included the history of SAVE, a group picture and display table with the story of Alex Orange were all part of this great day. Morning announcements will continue to be made throughout the school year with a focus on school safety. Peace signs will displayed throughout the school to help make a statement. SAVE banners will be made and displayed to help spread the message of SAVE. Biloxi High School will host several other activities throughout the school year, including Red Ribbon Week, Twenty Twinkling Stars, Homecoming and Prom, seat belt checks and suicide prevention and awareness and more.


Clarksdale High School

Students participated in several events throughout the fall semester. The Random Acts of Kindness Week encouraged students to promote positive ideas through he school community. Local law enforcement officers will be invited to speak to the students regarding violence in schools as well as laws regarding teen driving. Students held a canned food drive to help the local food bank. The school Resource Officers will conduct an active shooter drill to ensure that students and staff know the expectations during the event. Students enrolled in Drivers Education classes will participate in the virtual learning course that will allow students to reenact driving moments when they are distracted by texting or visually impaired. For National Youth Violence Prevention Week, Clarksdale High students will use the morning board casting segment  to provide youth violence facts. The school monitor will display decision making strategies when faced with violent acts. Local coimg_0878mmunity groups will be invited to participate in a balloon release for students who have fallen victim to violence. Some other activities that will take place consist of a banner pledge signing to drive safe as well as be non-violent. Students will also participate in a commitment day. Students will make a commitment and post it on the school website as well as the school board. Drama Club students will stage Random Acts of Kindness scenes throughout the school. A pep Rally was held kick off the SAVE Program!

Columbia High School

SAVE Club Continues to Grow, Serve at CHS, The Columbian Press

During America’s Safe Schools Week Columbia High School students participating in a survey asking questions focusing on teen safe driving. Public Service Announcements are made daily to inform students about statistics of texting and driving, drug and alcohol prevention, healthy relationships and other important health topics. A poster contest “Keeping Teens Safe” was one of the activities that had taken place during the week of America’s Safe Schools. This fall for SAVE Day students were encouraged to wear orange and participated in a SAVE activity to help make the school a safer place. All students were given a strip of orange paper to write what they would do or CAN do to make the school a more peaceful place. Examples of some of them include:  Random Acts of Kindness, smiling at others, making new friends , speaking kindly, respecting others or sitting with someone new at lunch. The students put the stripes of paper together and hung them outside under the breezeway to spread their message of unity. For National Youth Violence Prevention Week they will host an assembly featuring a guest speaker focusing on dating violence and healthy relationships. SAVE Club members will also participate in a mentoring program at the elementary school with “Conflict Resolution” activities that will enlighten students on healthier and safer ways of resolving conflict. Other activities throughout the year for the SAVE members will be to create informational brochures to help bring awareness to signs of suicide and ways to prevent it. Members will set up during lunch break to pass out these materials and answer questions. They will also bring awareness around prom time to remind students to be safe during prom and promising not to use drugs or alcohol.

Hattiesburg High School

Allstate Grant Brings SAVE Chapter to Hattiesburg High – Impact Weekender

During America’s Safe Schools Week Hattiesburg High SAVE Chapter will facilitate many informational activities. A student representative will deliver a message daily informing students of statistics involving school violence and suggest ways to make schools safer and more secure. Bulletin boards will be decorated and posters displayed raising awareness for school safety. Students will wear orange to help raise awareness and to represent SAVE. Students will be encouraged to engage in Random Acts of Kindness and will be spotlighted weekly. Stay tuned for more exciting things happening at Hattiesburg High School.

Ocean Springs High School

For National SAVE Day, Ocean Springs High School hosted an Orange Out Day, a day where students will be informed about the SAVE Club, Alex Orange, and how bullying can affect others tremendously. International Day of Peace was celebrated by wearing tie dye shirts which they all made together. The SAVE club participated in Red Ribbon Week providing ideas to support awareness against drugs and scheduled different themes for students to dress up in to promote anti-drug use. Red bracelets were handed out to signify drug free.  A tree will also be planted in honor of a student who passed away earlier this year .  The club would like to plant a magnolia tree in honor of the student Graham who passed away.  Throughout the year several other activities will be held. Some of them include, a mock crash, staged to help educate students about the safety of teen driving, a teddy bear drive which will take place with police officers and will inform people about how violence can carry through peoples lives and Wacked Out Wednesday to wack out drugs are a few other fun activities that the SAVE club will be hosting.

Provine High School

Provine High School has been a very active SAVE chapter for many years. The have very committed members and great support behind them. The year will again be filled with exciting SAVE activities thanks to Allstate. National Bullying Prevention Month and National Crime Prevention Month is a time for SAVE members to spread the word of SAVE and what SAVE has to offer. The SAVE induction which takes place each year was also held. Red Ribbon Week events took place at the end of October.  During National Youth Violence Prevention Week, Stephen James, with Allstate will assist the SAVE Club to help to make this a productive week for the students at Provine High. Other activities that will take place throughout the year are events during No Name Calling Week, National Youth Traffic Safety Month, and Random Acts of Kindness.

Port Gibson Middle School

Port Gibson Middle School Offered Safety Program – The Port Gibson Reveille

During America’s Safe Schools Week, Port Gibson Middle School will provide students, parents, school district staff and law enforcement staff opportunities to discuss methods for keeping schools safe from violence, to consider school safety and security plans; and to learn how to recognize students in need of help. A workshop with Law Enforcement Personnel will be conducted for school employees that are designed to help them recognize warning signs of school violence. SAVE students, faculty, and staff will challenge all students to be Fight Free for the entire week. If there are no fights for the entire week, students will have a free dance sponsored by the SAVE chapter and law enforcement. The SAVE members will also conduct a March Against Violence Parade. During National Youth Violence Prevention Week, there will be week long activities plus the chapter will distribute fact sheets to the entire student body, host an in-school violence prevention assembly with parents, local elected officials and the media. Several other activities will be held throughout the year.

St. Patrick Catholic High School

America’s Safe Schools Week starts off the year at St. Patrick Catholic High by enforcing safety behind the wheel. Teens wearing their seat belt were awarded with Smarties candy and students that failed to be safe received a Dum Dum pop. For National Youth Violence Prevention Week, the club is hoping to have a local prime prevention agency come and talk with the students. Red Ribbon Week, Prom Promise and Suicide Awareness are some of the activities that will take place this year. The Twenty Twinkling Stars book was read to the elementary school children last year and was a huge success. St. Patrick High SAVE members are hoping to do that again this year.

Stringer Attendance Center

A week of fun and informative activities took place during America’s Safe Schools Week. A booth was set to encourage students to be safe and share information about how to be safe at school. Life Saver candies were given to students to signify that they are helping to save the lives of others.  Statistics were read over announcements daily sharing statistics of teens involved in driving situations. Students will design a hand cut-out to signify their pledge to be safe while driving. A bus safety event was also held. Stringer Attendance Center will be attending a leadership conference at the state capital in Jackson, MS. The SAVE students will present a small skit in honor of Safe Schools Week. Students at school will wear orange to raise awareness of SAVE and school safety.

South Pike High School

South Pike High School will participate in the largest drug prevention campaign in the country, Red Ribbon Week. South Pike High participated in the Choices Program. This program gave students an opportunity to listen to the mayor, sheriff department, etc. about life choices. South Pike hapicture2s several other activities planned for the school year. We look forward to hearing all about what they have planned with their SAVE students throughout he school year.



Tupelo Middle School

America’s Safe Schools Week and National SAVE day start with SAVE club members distributing fliers promoting safe schools. An X-The TXT event is planned to take place this year at the High School with the SRO golf cart and a cone course. SAVE students will text drivers while they attempt to navigate the course. The members  also plan on making posters to place around the school during this week.   National Youth Violence Prevention Week will keep SAVE members busy as they hand out fliers and make posters bringing awareness to youth violence and ways to prevent it. The students also plan on performing a skit at an assembly to bring awareness to teen violence. During the holidays the members will assist a local charity called Guardian Angels Ministries. They will host a change drive at the middle school to raise money to purchase gifts for the elderly. A mock crash is planned for the week of prom, raising awareness of drinking and driving.

Vicksburg  High School

School Motto: See Something, Say Something! Safe Schools Week falls on the same week as Homecoming for Vicksburg High school so they incorporated various activities to coincide with it. Students are made aware that October is National Bullying Prevention month and received information about bullying via the intercom and handouts. For National SAVE Day, students will learn what SAVE is all about and will be given the information about the history. They will also learn about the importance of reporting activities that may be a threat to them or others. The club will work with the theater arts department and comprise a video about Seeing Something, Saying Something. National Bullying Month, students will be given information regarding bullying during morning announcements and during lunch. The SRO will assist the SAVE students with various activities. There will be several other activities planned this year including the Sock Hop, Prom Safety Program, and Safe Driving. On December 2, 2016 The Vicksburg High School SAVE Chapter will partner with the Warren Count Children’s Shelter to raise money for the Penny Harvest. This even will raise awareness against school violence.