White Oak High School

This was the Inaugural year for the WOHS SAVE chapter and what a whirlwind of a year!  The club began with three students and grew to 33 students. Many activities were planned, but due to a devastating tragedy at WOHS, the Safe Driving activities for May had to be re-evaluated.  A fatal car accident occurred on April 19, 2014 and left the school and the community mourning one student and praying for the recovery (long term care) for two others. Students and staff comforted each other through the grief process.  The nearby Swansboro HS SAVE club also extended support to the SAVE club.  Next year activities will move forward with the driver’s education department, ALLSTATE, the NC State Highway Patrol, Jacksonville Police Department, and the Onslow County Sheriff’s department.

Activities included a partnership with Project Unify to assist with volunteer responsibilities for The Special Olympics. Public announcements were made to the staff and student body encouraging the elimination of the word retard or the “r” word.  Project Unify was also introduced via the SAVE Summit breakout session via signing of the banner to rid the use of “R” word and an assembly held during the Hunters Creek Elementary School Ice Cream Social. This is definitely an anti-violence measure, as so many of the exceptional children at schools are bullied.

WOHS SAVE became the “pioneer” role model club for the SAVE  clubs at Hunters Creek Middle and Hunters Creek Elementary School. Through the mentoring process, the students were assigned a designated group and worked within the group fostering mentoring relationships.  There were nine monthly field trips to the elementary school where the WOHS students were joined by the middle school students to create and model the SAVE curriculum discovering new ways through speeches, role play activities, puzzles, games, and laughter to incorporate and foster learning about bullying, non-violence, safe driving, conflict resolution, peer mediation, violence in the home, and abusive dating relationships.

WOHS President, Courtney Myers created the theme “cultural diversity” for the SAVE Summit Breakout session.  The SAVE Summit was the highlight for the students that were able to attend. They are still talking about it and many have made friends with other SAVE club members.

Other SAVE activities included the invitation of a speaker who spoke about Bullying to the HAHSA assembly.

The No Texting/No Driving Campaign ran throughout the school via banner, club meetings at the high school and at the elementary/middle schools. The partnerships with the middle and elementary schools was highly effective as the principals, and staff began to become more familiar with the name SAVE as a pioneer club in stopping violence and promoting peace. These partnership activities included a SAVE for Shamrocks Fundraiser, SAVE for the Seasons/Christmas door decorating contest, and a SAVE Speech contest.

.  This SAVE Chapter is advised by Ms. Carol Jackson.