Sun Valley High School

The   SAVE Chapter at Sun Valley High School has been very active this year.  On Wednesday September 18th Sun Valley High School’s SAVE Chapter held a Safe Driving Event during all four lunches including a safe driving pledge signing and a video presentation They celebrated National Save Day in October  with a myriad of events involving the signing of an Anti-Bullying Pledge and the month long Bully Awareness initiatives. The chapter also led a number  of events during Red Ribbon Week (October 23, 2013) focusing on drug and bullying awareness and prevention.  Members planted 300 red tulip bulbs on the  school lawn,  held a poster contest, decorated the school in red ribbons and held a Anti-Drug/Bullying  Pledge signing event on Friday October 25th. The Chapter then celebrated Mix  It Up Day on Tuesday October 29th and got the anti-bullying message out to  the entire Sun Valley community.

On Friday May 16, 2014 the SAVE Chapter held a Safe Prom/X-the Text event at all four lunches to encourage students to be safe and drive safe during the Prom-Graduation Season.  The Chapter Advisor is Jim Williams.


Xthe Text photo of eventSchool-Parking-Lot-Flyers-2








Parking lot posters during Red Ribbon Week.                       Students pledge to not drive distracted.