Purnell-Swett High School 2015-2016


PRESS: December, 2015- High School Grants Promote Violence Prevention– The Fayobserver.com

During America’s Safe School Week in October, Purnell-Swett High School invited various speakers and hosted a variety of events. The school hosted an Orange Ribbon Week luncheon with community members, invited Robeson Health Care and Palmer Prevention to speak during lunch, and set up a presentation for students from Teen Court. Students wore red for Red Ribbon Week.

The students created post cards that allowed everyone to say “Thank you” and placed the cards in the teachers box in the faculty lounge.

For National Youth Violence Prevention Week in April, Purnell-Swett High School’s SAVE Club plans to distribute fact sheets, posters, set up a display table at lunch, and perform skits that raise awareness to themes of the week.

SAVE had the Keys for Life presentation on campus for the week of prom.  The SAVE Chapter had posters and a SAVE student visited many classrooms dressed up as the grim reaper and a statistics sheet was given to students to read to the class and then a selected senior was given a t-shirt to wear with an X on the back meaning they were a drunk driving statistic. Robeson Health Care set up at lunch.  Also hosting a ” Be the Change” campaign.

In May, for National Youth Traffic Safety Month, SAVE Club members what are you thankful for signwill raise awareness of safe driving choices by monitoring and encouraging students to buckle their seatbelts before leaving the parking lot.
IMG_0247IMG_0253-1The 2015-2016 SAVE Advisor for Purnell-Swett High School is Karen Stickney.