Garner Magnet High School 2015-2016




For America’s Safe School Week, Garner Magnet High School’s SAVE chapter had big plans. The school placed their focus on anti-bullying and bullying prevention activities. Students were asked to sign an anti-bullying pledge. Upon signing they would receive a sticker and a card with hotline numbers. On National SAVE Day, club members planned a rally around the flag pole to take a stand hand in hand against bullying. To promote the anti-bullying agenda the club put up posters created by art classes and announcements were made over the intercom about bullying prevention, as well as domestic violence and abuse awareness. Students also received an extended lunch period during which they were encouraged to sit with others and send positive messages about anti-bullying. Teachers will work with guidance counselors to develop bullying prevention themed activities to incorporate into lesson plans.

In April, for National Youth Violence Prevention Week, Garner High School’s SAVE chapter plans to ask students to sign a pledge to reMore Awareness Postersmain nonviolent for the entirety of the week. To discourage the use of violence students will be asked to try and solve differences with discussion and assistance rather than fighting or bullying. In addition to this SAVE members and other students can sign up for Silence the Violence Day. If the student is signed up they will wear a t-shirt or an identifying sticker that reads either Silence the Violence, or No Means No. Throughout the entire day these students will protest violence by not talking or texting.

For National Youth Traffic Safety Month, Garner High School will hold a mStudetns watching crash victom videoock crash by working with the Garner Police Department, Wake County EMS, and local administrators. Accompanying the mock crash will be an assembly where speakers will share their insight into distracted/drunk driving and impact on youth and adults. Twice a year (fall and spring) Garner High School holds an anti-texting event that targets freshmen and sophomores. This year the high school will partner with the Garner Police Department to present information to students about the dangers and possible end results of distracted driving. In addition to this event, SAVE members will hand out thumb bands that say W8 2 TXT. Students will also be asked to sign a pledge to not text and drive.

The SAVE Advisor for this school year is Vickie Szarek.Safe Driving Golf Cart