Fairmont High School 2015-2016

PRESS: December, 2015- High School Grants Promote Violence Prevention– The Fayobserver.com

For America’s Safe School Week in October 2015, Fairmont High School’s SAVE chapter planned multiple activities to raise awareness on a variety of issues. Students were asked to sign a no bullying petition. The student who signed would then have their names entered into a drawing for the opportunity to win a gift card. SAVE members also handed out Atomic Fireball candy with a message that read “Don’t get fired up, stay calm”. The SAVE chapter invited the North Carolina Highway Patrol to come and speak on drinking and driving, as well as texting and driving. Following this presentation students were presented with the opportunity to navigate a golf cart around a maze while wearing drunk googles.

In April, Fairmont High School plans to invite several speakers to come to the school and speak on the importance of youth violence prevention. The chapter will also hold an essay contest for students to write about the importance of anti-violence and anti-bullying. Around this time of year the chapter also plans to show both parents and students a film that depicts the dangers of bullying. The SAVE chapter will also promote Red Ribbon Week, as well as Orange Ribbon Week.

For National Youth Traffic Safety Month the Fairmont SAVE chapter will invite the local police department to speak and show videos about safe driving. In addition to this SAVE members will hand out candy to students in the parking lot who wear their seat belts.

The SAVE Advisor for Fairmont High School is Sandra Pridgen.