East Chapel Hill High School 2015-2016

Anti Drug RallyFor America’s Safe School Week, the East Chapel Hill High School SAVE chapter threw out beach balls and footballs during the homecoming pep rally that said “Better things to do than drugs”. SAVE members also tied red ribbons onto trees lining school walkways to support Red Ribbon Week. In addition to this, the chapter had a Red Ribbon table in the cafeteria that provided red lollipops and background information on Red Ribbon Week. Posters centered on drug-free themes were placed around the school to promote awareness. SAVE members also are helping to promote, and some have agreed to participate in, the upcoming school blood drive. Red ribbon week - Jenny

In February the chapter plans to host a dating violence awareness activity to help educate students on healthy relationships. Also around this time the SAVE chapter will sponsor an anti-bullying activity to raise awareness of the hardships of bullying faced by all students. The school plans to partner with an elementary school and implement a Twenty Twinkling Stars curriculum toclubweek2 teach younger students about the importance of kindness and not bullying.

On April 14th there will be a Mock Crash using SAVE students as actors, a mock crash will be staged on the football field, involving local police, fire and EMS. After the presentation there will be presentation by DA, Chapel Hill PD, Life Flight Nurse and a parent who lost a son in a drunk driving accident.

In May, East Chapel Hill High School hosts a Spring Fest Day which the school will use to educate students on the importance of safe driving. On this day the school will have students navigate obstacles driving in golf carts while either wearing drunk goggles or texting. This activity will reinforce the dangers
and consequences surrounding distracted driving.

The SAVE Advisor for East Chapel Hill High School is Shari Coveney.

red-ribbon-East Chapel Hill