E.A. Laney High School 2015-2016


PRESS: Laney Students Participate in National Anti-Violence Summit, Port City Daily, March 21, 2016

Your Voice: SAVE Students Oppose Violence,  Star News. April 14, 2016

For America’s Safe School Week E.A. Laney High School SAVE members continued their work with two elementary schools to implement the Twenty Twinkling Stars curriculum which provides lessons on positive character traits, kindness, and bullying prevention. This project also builds leadership, communication, and presentation skills while providing valuable life skills to the children who hear their presentations. In addition to this, the high school held a school-wide event called Rachel’s Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to help create a culture of kindness and compassion that will endure throughout the years.


E.A. Laney High School has four year focuses: teen safe driving, relationship violence and sexual assault, youth volunteerism, and mental health and suicide prevention. The high school’s SAVE chapter focuses the majority of their efforts on a service-learning style agenda. Students investigate an issue, plan and prepare a way to address the issue, get active to address the issue, demonstrate to stakeholders what has been done to address the issue, and then evaluate what can be done to sustain future efforts. Through these steps the chapter hopes to enlighten the school on their four year focuses by sharing what they have learned during National Youth Violence Prevention Week in a variety of mediums.

The SAVE chapter at E.A. Laneylaney SSW High School places great value in the idea of service work. For the upcoming year they plan to have monthly speakers to identify a problem SAVE members can help solve, as well as manage the school bulletin board to inform other students about the focus for the month. The chapter also plans to present at the National SAVE Summit.

The SAVE Advisor for E.A. Laney High School is Beth Scheirer.12074745_1011339472222111_4799350154122604887_n