Walter M. Williams High School- 2014-2015

Teen safe driving and school safety activities being planned at Walter M. Williams High School for the 2014-15 school year include:

America’s Safe School Week (October 20-24, 2014)

  • Assisted with Red Ribbon Week

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (March 23-27, 2015)

  • Creating a Public Service Announcement showing ways to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Handing out promotional items prior to school emphasizing non-violent ways to handle conflict.
  • Creating Awareness Posters promoting Crime Stoppers and displaying them in school, along with a Crime Prevention Info Box to be established for students to report anonymously crimes or other violence before it happens.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May 2015)20150321_102515

  • Mock Crash Scene and Beer Goggles Course- the week prior to PROM to show the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Create Awareness Posters and display in the school.

Activities during other times of the school year:Mock Crash Scene 2

  • Awareness posters were placed around the schools about the hazards of drinking and driving, texting and driving, crime stoppers, etc.  A Crime Stopper banner was also posted on the outside of the school.
  • Anti-bully Campaign-students created videos to show about the effects of bullying.
  • Kids safety expo at Holly Hill Mall.  Provided handouts to children and their parents about how to keep safe and also who we are as a SAVE Club and what we do.  Kids also assisted children with the activities.
  • Teen Court Training- We had several students sign up to assist with Teen Court.  They were given the opportunity to play prosecuting and defense attorneys, the jury, bailiff, and court clerk for actual cases where students who have been assigned to teen court for misbehavior at school.
  • Awareness posters, orange and purple “SAVE Lives, Drive Responsibility” are put up over the lockers of the school and throughout other areas of the building.
  • No Texting & Driving Campaign-Bringing awareness to dangers of texting and driving.  Includes promotional items and posters, and asking students to sign a pledge to not test while driving.
  • Service Activities- including Cleaning Up Campus and area businesses, food donations to the homeless shelter, assist the Burlington Police Department with promoting DARE at the Elementary Sc20150321_105159hools, and volunteer and assist with Teen Court of Alamance County.
  • An Essay Contest for students to illustrate ways of uniting together, creating peace, tolerance and respect for others, and harmony and school spirit.

The SAVE Advisor for Walt20150321_113847er Williams High School is Carrie McCann.