Vernon Malone College and Career Academy 2014-2015

Teen safe driving and school safety activities being planned at Vernon Malone College and Career  for the 2014-15 school year include:DSC_0632

Back to School Activities:

The SAVE program at Vernon Malone College and Career Academy began its inception this school year and has just begun to implement activities and aid in the process of building culture at the new school.

Safety Awareness Event for students held during second half of SMART lunch in September.

America’s Safe School Week: (October 20-24, 2014)

Anti-bullying pledge campaign hosted at school-Wednesday October 22, 20134 during lunch period.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week: (March 23-27, 2015)

Monday 3/23/15- Pass out slips of paper hat contain statistics on violence by youth

Tuesday 3/24/15-Door Prizes given to students who have ways they prevent violence.

Wednesday 3/25/15-Safety activity with school resource officer.

Thursday 3/26/15-Presentation of violence prevention by Mr. Thomas Walters/Mr. Paul Romero

Friday 3/27/15- Wear Orange Day

SAVE Club met and confirmed teen safe driving activity by coordinating a tour of a police mobile command unit on the campus for participants.  Attendee will also sign a pledge campaign agreeing to participate in safe driving.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May 2015), Including Prom Activities:

May 15th- Save club members will partner with school resource officer in hosting a school function during the day that allows students to learn about safe traffic measures to practice when in an automobile and also tour a police mobile and sign the pledge not to text and drive. Participants will also receive a SAVE stress ball for joining the activity.

May 7th- Fatal goggles activity held with school resource officer in gym and school resource officer informing students about safe driving procedures.

Activities during other times of the school year:

January 20-23rd- No name calling contest (teachers report any student who name calls)

February 12th-Passing out Valentine candy and relationship violence info.

April 3th-Officer Tommy Davis speaks to students.